Sunday, January 30, 2011

Firsts: Quinoa at Breakfast, Miso Soup, Tortilla Pizza, and Sol Food and Froyo

Pizza Accompaniment
 My parents were having Insaladas (nearly favorite restaurant), so I got to steal a Fattoush Salad, which is always epic. Not much to say except I wish I new the recipe! There's yummy mint, cilantro, and lemon but I don't know the right combo for the dressing/topping.
   After discovering I have so many things to try. Coming soon will be No Bake Cookies, Pumpkin Yogurt, Pumpkin Smoothie, and Sweet Potato Bean Burgers.
   But this was the first inspired creation, Easy Tortilla Pizza. I literally haven't eaten pizza in like two years, so finding this was really cool.  #1 Just mix up the sauce, throw any toppings on, and bake for 12 minutes at 425º.  You can make it however you like and anything is a good topping! Amazing for a first time, but kind of hard to eat, and I found that the key is to not put too much sauce in any areas even though it's so yummy, because that way the tortilla gets nice and crispy instead of soggy when you bake it (making it much easier to make slices rather than eat like a burrito). think nachos or pita chips! I got a little carried away with the toppings... The main thing is this recipe is exploding with flavor.
-1/3c garlic hummus, 1/3c tomato paste (little more), 1t Oregano or thyme (didn't have oreg), 1t Basil, Ground pepper
-chicken, 6 garlic cloves, broccoli, onion, avocado, sun dried tomatos, olives, heirloom tomato
-a wheat tortilla
makes 2 personal pizzas, one is now in my freezer (mmm frozen pizza)
*You could also add cheese, the recipe call for nutritional yeast, which is apparently extra healthy and similar to cheese, I gotta try it.
 More Japanese than you think!
Who has a turkey sando with miso soup you ask? I do! Especially with Wasabi Dijon Mustard and Cucumbers.  First time making Miso Soup, have always been too afraid before but it is so incredibly easy.  Hard to mess up.  #2 Just simmer water, miso paste, and whatever else you want in your soup until it's all cooked as much as you want. When perfectly with a sandwich/bread for dipping, and I didn't even have tofu.
-Miso, Sushi Seaweed, Mozuku Seaweed, White Onion
-Whole Wheat Loaf, Herb Turkey, Special Mustard, Avocado, Cucumber, Tomato, Olives
Overnight Oats
 Not sure if there's a difference between Muesli and Overnight Oats, but it doesn't really matter because it's tasty! #3 A little oat bran and oats that get nice and soft and mushy overnight, it's quite surprising how much liquid they absorb overnight (you have to add more of the liquid your using than you think, or add more in the morning).  #4 I got Stevia Extract in liquid form for the first time, and it really does sweeten effectively. Definitely glad I added to the cupboard.
-.25 cup Oats .25 cup Oatbran with Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Stevia Extract, Soymilk
-Almonds and Hazelnuts
-Raspberry, Banana
CocoYo (Originally Tutti Melon)
 I love this place, it's too bad it's not do it yourself froyo.  The owner is a super cool Japanese guy that owns all three stores (that's why there's hints of Japanese influence, like the Yoggi Drinks).  They have some of the best toppings, like lychee, mochi pillows, Cap'n Crunch, and more.  #4 I especially like getting Carob Chips, a nice change/alternative to chocolate that is bittersweet and a little nutty. Healthier too!  They had coconut froyo for the first time which was too good to not get. I was sweet, coconut-y, but also tart at the same time!
-Pomegranate and Coconut Froyo
-Waffle Cone, Carob Chips, Mochi Pillows
Sol Food!
It had been to long.  Always nice to go out and experience food in hopes of analyzing it to figure out what they do differently (and enjoy some bomb food of course).  I got the mashed garlic plantain and sweet plantain which is unusual for me, but I really wanted to use it like a tortilla chip with the beans, and it was worth it.  The main thing i'm impressed with is the consistency of the chicken! I need to figure out the combination of frying/boiling/broiling that they do because it's too delicious!
-Chicken Combo Plate w/ 1x sweet 1x savory plantain, Pinto beans, and add Avocado

Massive Salad Lunch 
No plan or theme for this one, just a bunch of veggies, garbanzos, pistachios, balsamic and olive oil! Do it big or not at all. I love eating massive bowls of things, like the guy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall with cereal in the beginning.  That's what I do after races.
-Cucumber, Tomato, Spinach, Yellow Beets, Broccoli
-Garbanzos, Olives, Pistachios
-Balsamic and Olive Oil

First time Quinoa at breakfast, definitely won't be the last!
 All Mixed Up
Quinoa Parfait in Layers
I recently found out that Quinoa can be enjoyed in a breakfast parfait just like oats/granola.  Make it the night before or use leftover for a super healthy and yummy cheap easy protein filled breakfast.  It is more nutty than plain granola or oats and definitely changes up the texture a bit.  My combo was extra good because of the Homemade Blueberry Yogurt. I didn't even remember to use any spices! Fat free milk +super good and healthy blueberry jam makes epic yogurt. 1000x better than anything you can buy at a store.
-Quinoa, Blueberry Yogurt
-Almonds, Hazelnuts, Raspberries, Dried Cranberries

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