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These are just some things I use daily/weekly that taste and make you feel awesome! That means fast.

Butter: Always Kerrygold (grass fed in america just doesn't seem to cut it, available at Safeway and it really makes a difference)
Milk: only Raw,
Eggs: only Free Range, wherever I can find, preferably non-vegeterian, non corn or soy fed (definitely not cage free or omega 3, bugs/worms and sunlight make a difference)
Meats: Marin Sun Farms or El Salchichero
Produce: Not as strict on this, I try to get organic and local from Farmer's Markets, my Garden, or Good Earth
Fish: only Wild, Whole Foods or Good Earth
Nuts: Only Raw
 Everybody knows garlic is awesome. Tasty for tomato sauces, salad dressings (link sol food wannabe), but also when cooking chicken/fish, or in Asian or Indian stir fries with ginger and turmeric/curry.  It adds a ton of flavor and aids in digestion! Chopped or pressed, just don't eat it too much of it raw because it will taste way to pungent. Best used in moderation because it can be very stimulating.

 Who doesn't like coconut? In oil, flour (see protein bites), butter (see bread pudding oats), or shredded/flakes, this food can really contribute a lot.  Although saturated, coconut provides a great source of healthy fats, as well as fiber (unless using oil, and because of lots of short chain fatty acid/medium chain triglycerides it's great to include this saturated fat in your diet).

Most people think unhealthy and decadence when chocolate comes to mind.  Cocoa flavored foods are often sinful not because of the chocolate, it's because they are packed with added sugar and milk fat.  Get some unsweetened cocoa powder, baking chocolate, or try out carob for an alternative twist and bring back the excitement into your food! And it's a good natural source of caffeine. (see mexican oatmeal and chocolate pudding)

The following I no longer really use but are fine options if you like them:

Nutritional Yeast (not necessary if eating grass fed red meat)
 Supplying essential B Vitamins (that means energy!) and Amino Acids that make up proteins usually only available in meat, I love this stuff. 2 heaped tablespoons is a whopping 8 grams of protein and is a great addition to salads, sandwiches, and more. It's a bit salty, almost cheezy  and goes amazingly with avocado, tahini, or both (and some ginger if you want).

Pumpkin Seeds
Chia Seeds
Everyone who has dabbled in the healthy living/alternative cooking world has probably heard of this 'wonder' seed.  A great way to add some healthy fat to foods.  Similar to flax, only better, nutritionally they provide those oh so beneficial omega fatty acids that are hard to get unless eating fish, which you can't do often enough due to the mercury thing.  These add a seedy yet creamy effect to food, and when soaked they gel up and make food more gooey/voluminous.  Thus, you can make Chia Eggs for egg replacements by simply mixing with warm water to use in anything: pancakes, waffles, and more.
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