Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Red Meat Doesn't Kill

This blew up on the intrawebs this week: All Red Meat is Bad For You. I don't know what rich vegan funded the article or what big corporate industry this helps. It only hurts the corn/soy/meat industry that thrives so well in America.

There's a lot of critiques already but i've found them to be long and complex/target some of the wrong issues.

I discovered it via this email from my dad who I try to advise regularly:

"All this diet stuff is very confusing.  This study says red meat is bad news..."

I could not wait to uncover what BS the article had in store. This is what I sent back to my dad:

At first I was concerned but then realized I can 'debunk' this article quite easily:

1) For starters, they are not using grass fed meat. I did and still believe that any non-organic grain fed red meat is potentially bad due to toxins / high levels of undesirable omega 6 fats and no omega 3's. easily look-upable in charts.
Not much grass out there...
2)' Scientists aren't sure exactly what makes red meat so dangerous, but the suspects include the iron and saturated fat in beef, pork and lamb, the nitrates used to preserve them, and the chemicals created by high-temperature cooking.'

-Too much iron is bad because its easy for pathogens/viruses/bad shit to thrive when levels are high, at the same time not enough is more often worse (vegetarians etc are always anemic), so its a double edged sword- aka don't eat liver and red meat every day, but definitely eat it some.

-The saturated fat is just complete %^*!. the origin of peoples fears is from one big old study that looked at society getting more heart disease. People ate lots of sat fat also ate lots of omega 6 fats (veg/seed oils in processed foods) and refined sugar, the real culprits. Plenty of studies currently show no correlation for SF. Think about it another way: how could an old school food/substance cause new school diseases like cancer/heart disease/diabetes? Especially diabetes which is completely related to blood sugar (and not fat or protein which is all meat is).
'he and his colleagues had thought it likely that only processed meat posed a health danger.'

-I agree that processed meats and things cooked at high temp are bad (although the high temp thing is also often tied to the industrial seed/veg oils high in omega 6 so that one is even up for debate). Artificial chemicals in your food is bad. Duh. Don't eat hot dogs and processed meats from big companies.

3) They talk SO MUCH crap about red meat and then in one sentence that most people probably miss say
 'just don't eat processed red meat and only eat 2-3 servings a week'
 If they truly believed it was as bad as they make it out to be, they would not suggest regular consumption (3 times/week= almost half the time!).

Most importantly, what they don't mention is the things in red meat that you can't get very well at all anywhere else. B vitamins, zinc, iron and more. Chicken and turkey and pork aren't AS good. As usual, darker=better (more nutrient dense)

SO CONTINUE TO ENJOY YOUR RED MEAT (with good reason, maybe not every meal, and only grass fed, pasture raised, unprocessed or traditionally cured otherwise known as uncured). you will be doing yourself a favor.
I'm going to go cook up some ground Bison with a bunch of herbs+GF Temari+Tomato+Peppers now...


  1. Meat loving Max. Those cows sure look happy to be clear of any grass. Looks like a much healthier environment than any green pasture.

  2. Drove by twice this weekend on the way to Socal. Pretty gross out there. Can easily say there's not much to gain from eating that stuff, or the stuff they are eating (corn and soy and wheat). You are what you eat and it is what it eats

  3. This article blew up but was easily disproved. Liked how "hamburgers" were not considered "unprocessed", yet in our society, all hamburgers include a refined white flour bun and fries fried in "vegetable oil"...

    Record tomorrow??


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