Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wraps and Cafe Del Sol

Breakfast: plain non fat yogurt, the last of the oatmeal (woohoo!), some galaxy granola, topped off with some blueberries, almonds, and a little bit of honey. Some blue tea sweetened with stevia to drink.
Lunch: quick gathering of leftovers.  Wraps made from last nights cumin+curry chicken/zucchini/eggplant/carrot/garlic black beans, along with some guacamole with some cherry tomatoes added to it.

An afterschool snack of banana and almond butter (Naturally More Super good almond butter)

Dinner: highlight of the day fasho! Ishtar Salad from Cafe Del Soul (cucumber, romaine, tahini, special dipping sauce, craisins, and tofu) with onion instead of feta cheese, plus I added shredded carrot and crushed almonds from home.  Accompanied by an epic smoothie ->freshly juiced carrot and ginger juice, 2 dates, almonds, some nectarine, and a banana. Amazing.

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