Friday, September 17, 2010

Race Day

food today was kind of a mess because I had to get up at 6:45 to take a math test before school, leave school early drive to tahoe to race at N* and then drive home (split the driving with a friend).  So breakfast was prepped the night before: Yogurt w/ Swiss Muesli and a ripe farmer's market nectarine along with a new tea, black lychee sweetened as usual with stevia (during AP Econ).  I couldn't get over how sweet and good this tea was with no sugar or honey or anything.  It also had a ton of caffeine and I drank a lot of it so I was pretty amped.

Lunch was easy, woodlands fattoush salad and farmers market spinach pita bread. while my friend thomas drove.
dinner was random and I tried to use what was fast and needed to be consumed. after driving home after the race (10pm dinner?).  the last tortilla heated in a pan, last rice from the rice maker, pastrami turkey, aroma tomato, iceberg lettuce, and some hummus + farmer's market marinara/tomato sauce stuff. and some beet salad. I love it when throwing random combos together comes out awesome.  I also threw some carrots and ginger in the juicer (and then some zucchini and a lemon w/ the peel? yea. the carrot and ginger took over the flavor anyway)

the food must of all worked by the way because I got 2nd. in pro. and it was fairly stacked

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