Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ginger Berry Oatmeal, The Best Tuna Salad Sandwich, Bobbilicious Cookie, Miso Soba Noodles!!

Miso Soba Noodle Soup
First time using Kombu and Wakame, you definitely have to heat them in boiling water until tender, mine were a bit al denti.  Besides that it was another pretty awesome bowl of miso, with more Japanese ingredients than before. #1 Now that I have Togarashi, everything can automatically be so much better. I used plenty of it in my soup. I used the Mirin I got from Santa Barbara in the salad dressing and it was tasty.
-Hacho Miso Paste, Kombu, Wakame, Nori (3 seaweeds/kelps), Wheat Soba Noodles, Almonds, Ground Sesame, Togarashi, Tempeh
-Salad Leftovers with Sesame Lemon Rice Wine Dressing (Lemon, Sesame, Mirin, Olive Oil, Rice Wine Vinegar) and Tempeh
-Some Lemon Vegetable Saute Leftovers from Mom's Lunch (Brussel Sprouts, Shitake Mushroom, Onion)
Bobbilicious Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
After meeting Bobbi from Bobbilicious today to get some samples to try out, I couldn't wait to try the oatmeal raisin cookie. She's super excited about them and got me pretty hyped as well. I love a good oatmeal rasin cookie, and although almost any version is good, a truly good one really excels above and beyond. I knew this one would be special after talking to Bobbi and having such a great experience with the Fruity Nutty Bar before.  It's oozing with spice! the cinnamon, raisin, and nutmeg are all so deliciously present. The cinnamon goes with the pecans too, at the same time adding little crunchies to the delectable soft and chewy treat. She's also right that the almond flour combined with grapeseed oil really makes it seem like there's butter in a good way! It's not a dry cookie by any means. Oh yeah, still gluten, dairy, and wheat free! Although you'd never guess...
Crunch Salad and Tuna Salad Sando
I told you the leftovers tuna salad sandwich would come! No icky mayo here.  #2 I did make it a bit creamy with some Hummus on one side.  On nice toasted wheat loaf bread and rejuvenated with Lemon, Olive Oil, and then Rice Wine Vinegar later on which really did the trick. My favorite purple cabbage and tahini based salad, so crunchy and so good! Also enjoyed a little bit of Dijon Mustard with everything.
-White Bean and Tuna Salad leftovers on Toasted Wheat Loaf
  -With Lemon, Olive Oil, Hummus, Rice Wine Vinegar, Salt n' Peppa
-Romaine Lettuce, Purple Cabbage, Tomato
  -Tahini, Lemon, 1 pressed Garlic Clove, Rice Wine Vinegar
 Blueberry Jam Mixed In
 Blueberry Jam in a Well
Pre Jam Ginger Apple Oatmeal
Almost didn't have enough oats this morning, but it came together because I just went with part oat bran part oats. Also fully used soymilk instead of water for once and it was definitely good! Slightly creamy with yummy parts that form on the side but aren't quite burned, just a smooth layer of delicious.  I got Brazil Nuts finally! Found them at a natural foods store in Socal.  A let down at first trying them plain, even though their large size is pretty cool, but once they were chopped and in my oatmeal it was a whole new world. They are basically like an almond, hazelnut, and macadamia nut combined into one epic being.  I went with a Ginger Theme accompanied by Cardamom, Lemon, and Blueberry in the end. #3 Just a touch of Cardamom Powder goes a long way. Finally got it down. Came together quite nicely!
-1/2c Oat Bran/Oats, 1c Soymilk, 1/2" Knob Fresh Pressed Ginger, 1/2 tsp Ginger Powder, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Stevia Extract, 1/2 Coarsely Cut Apple
-Dried Cherries, Coarsely Chopped Brazil Nuts, Lemon Zest
 -ended up sweetening with a touch of Organic Blueberry Jam

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