Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recovery Brownie, Harvest Salad, Best Dinner is in Marin

I wrote descriptions for my recovery sesh and lunch but they got deleted so if they seem short I swear I put more into it frustrating. We had our final family dinner on the way back, in Marin, and it was the best of them all. Fish. in Sausalito. Classic
 Side of Wild Mushrooms 
These were some quality mushrooms, seemed like Crimini and Porcini but I'm no expert.  #1 Sauteed with olive oil the right way: Garlic and Thyme. You can't go wrong. These perfectly textured flavorful vegetables went well mixed into my Tuna Salad, especially on top of a quality thick crunchy house made tortilla chip from my Ceviché.
 Stoked Discovery: White Bean and Tuna Salad
I hate tuna / chicken salad because it's always a mayo-fest, but I had never tried this Italian dish before, and am totally glad I did.  It's like a tuna salad but with olive oil vinaigrette and lots of other good ingredients like onion, carrot, and yummy large black and white beans. It was huge so I totally got a to go box for an epic sando coming tomorrow. It also some kind of black olives which gave it that extra salty bite it needed every now and then. Lemon was perfectly appropriate as well, and then mixing in Cilantro from my dad's dish along with the mushrooms for a higher vegetable to tuna ratio (more chewy crunch), and I couldn't of enjoyed it any more... Well yes I could and did, with the perfect tortilla chips! I am most definitely going to be prepping this one at home soon.
Ceviché (better picture not mine)
Stole this picture since you can tell from the others the lighting is horrible for an iPhone. Had to get the Ceviche like last time because it's too darn good.  Citrus, Onion, and Cilantro rule together, especially with like 8 different kinds of delicious raw fish, and thick crunchy freshly made tortilla chips. And avocado! It just keeps getting better. Now i've had way too much fish in the past 7 days and definitely need to take a break...
 Harvest Salad
Another long car ride accompanied by a nice salad from Panino, #2 Avocado sub'ed for feta cheese (better healthy fat). Very enjoyable because they last forever when your eating them, which is entertaining and satisfying in a long anything.Stoked that they didn't charge extra for that, I hate overpaying for substitutions/avocado.  I was looking forward to the Pine Nuts, Dried Apricots, and Dried Cranberries, which all went surprisingly well together with Balsamic Vinaigrette.  It could of used some more epic vegetables, but Avocado is always pretty awesome, and it was so good anyway.  Left the white bread behind of course.
-Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado
-Pine Nuts, Apricot, Cranberries, Balsamic
Recovery Treats
I decided to break into my supply of Lenny and Larry's Muscle Brownies for recovery after a solid road ride in sunny Santa Barbara. A nice change from the everyday tried and true Gu Brew Strawberry Watermelon Recovery Drink.  This brownie is similar to the last one I reviewed, tastes just like a Hostess Treat (this is where you expect me to say with a healthy twist, but no).  Except this one is just triple chocolatey dense brownie goodness! It's like cheating because the ingredients, nutritional balance, and time of consumption are all justified (real ingredients, lots of protein, some carb, little fat, some sugar, just after a workout).  Solid.  I also created my own recovery fluid to go with, homemade Carrot and OJ mixed with some leftover Gu2O Lemon Lime Electrolyte mix. #3 Gotta replenish those electrolytes (very similar to what's in a recovery drink besides the caloric protein/carb content).
 -Carrot, OJ, Lemon Lime GU2O
-Lenny and Larry Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie

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