Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quick Curry, Breakfast Combos, Wasabi Ginger Seaweed Favorites

Was in Tahoe most of the weekend, but here are highlights that I photographed and prepped. Of course I can't not mention going to Mamasake at Squaw and eating some top notch sushi (Mama's Basically Insane Roll is a new favorite), or visiting New Moon Natural Foods and discovering the best Coconut Tapioca Pudding and Big Sur Bars, both of which will have some kind of appearance on here soon!
Tilapia, Quinoa, Salad
 Didn't plan much just kind of grabbed random yummies for this meal and it worked out well.  #1 Anything is good when you use ingredients that you are a big fan of. Like Nori, Sushi Ginger, and Wasabi Mustard.
-Dried Vegetable Quinoa with Nori and Avocado
-Citrus Pepper Tilapia (olive oil, OJ, pepper)
-Salad with Dijon Wasabi Balsamic, Avo, and Sushi Ginger (Olive Oil, Wasabi Dijon Mustard, Balsamic)
Pretty Bomb Cereal Mix
 In Tahoe for the weekend so not much cooking went down, but this was a cool little combo I made up from what was available.
-Kashi Honey Toasted Oat Cereal
-Strauss Nonfat Cinnamon Yogurt
-Blueberries, Banana
-Dried Cranberries, Almonds
Basil Coconut Curry Wrap
 I only forgot onions, but besides that this was dope. #2 Super quick cook time before wrapping it up and taking it with on the way to Tahoe. Turned the oven on with carrots and a sweet potato in topped with some basil, and then came back 40 minutes later to heat up some Light Coconut Milk from Trader Joe's with Curry Powder, turmeric, Garam Masala, and Basil. And some leftover chicken. Mix it all together and enjoy! I also had some brown rice and avocado on there (not pictured).
-Oven Roasted Basil Carrots and Sweet Potato
-Yellow Basil Curry: Coconut Milk, G Masala, Curry, Turmeric, Basil
-Chicken, Wheat wrap, Brown rice, Avo
Overnight Party
This started out simple, but then I got carried away adding more and more tasty treats. What was planned  to be Apple Cinnamon with hint of Pumpkin Butter morphed into a party when I had to throw in pineapple, coconut flakes, extra almonds/hazelnuts, and dried mango.  The pineapple was a bit much, kind of sweet and acidic, but the rest was fire.  #3 You gotta be careful with adding to many things into cereal or oatmeal because it's easy to end up yearning for more oats and less 'toppings'.
-Overnight Oats with Cinnamon and Soymilk
-Apple Sauce, Blueberries, Pineapple, Pumpkin Butter
-Hazelnuts and Almonds
-Dried Mango, Coconut Flakes

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