Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brown Rice and Oats make the World Go Round

Brown Rice and Oats are pretty much my most often consumed fuel.
A Little Mexican A Little Japanese
 A partial Bean and Rice Burrito accompanied by a Sesame Ginger Sunomono Salad.  2nd time making the salad, definitely way better with fresh pressed ginger and sushi ginger.  The beans had carrots cooked in with some additional spices which were also an improvement to the normal mixture. My too spicy salsa that I diluted worked out quite well also.
-Cucumber sliced super thin, Ground Sesame, Rice Wine Vinegar, drop of Soy Sauce, Ginger, Sushi Ginger
-Wheat Tortilla, Brown Rice, Avocado, Carrot, Tomato
-Black Beans: Onion, Garlic, Carrot, Ground Coriander, Cumin
-Salsa with Sun Dried Tomato, Shredded Carrot, Olive Oil, Cherry Tomatos (dilution)
Leftover Party
Nothing like eating lunch outside at WTB with the newest issue of Decline Magazine.  Just a bunch of thrown together leftovers with Hummus, Turmeric, and Lemon Pepper to spice things up. Good original ingredients plus additional bomb spices makes for an epic lunch!
-Mixed Greens w/ Tomato and Cucumber
-Kale Saute, Hummus, Herb Turkey
-Sweet Potato and Brown Rice
-Balsamic, Olive Oil, Turmeric, Lemon Pepper
Some random combo thrown together in the early AM. Muesli with Almond Milk to soak and sweetened with Carrot Juice, which i'm a big fan of doing. Less fructose more Sweet. This combo smelled and tasted like Horchata! Probably the Cinnamon, Vanilla Rice, and Almond Milk combo.
-My Muesli Mix
-Carrot Juice, Almond Milk
-Blueberries, Pineapple
-Vanilla Brown Rice Protein

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