Monday, February 28, 2011

Umi Sushi, Honey Nut Oatmeal, Last of the Meyer Lemon Chicken

The Usuals
Best Dessert!
Got sushi with my mom for dinner at Umi Sushi, #1 the best dinner for an easy day off the bike. There were plenty of good dishes and highlights, miso soup, Broccoli Goma Ae (sweet sesame sauce), Wakame Seaweed Salad, high quality Uni (Sea Urchin) and Sake (Salmon), Ebi and Ema Abi (raw and cooked prawn), but the dessert was where it's at: Shiratama Zenzai. I'd never had it before, and was so satisfied. I like Japanese sweet red bean paste from Azuki beans in small doses since it is usually incredibly sweet, but this was better. It smelled just like so many places in Japan from when I visited 3 years ago, so that automatically gained mega brownie points. It's a popular dessert in Japan during the winter, and isn't overly sweet or unhealthy (protein from beans!).  The soft white chewy rice cakes are similar to steamed white buns, and go perfectly with the steaming sweet beans/broth. It seems relatively easy to make and since I got the Mochiko (sweet sticky rice flour) when trying to make Steamed White Buns, I'm going to give it a shot soon.
Reviewed this in detail already, but this time I had to throw it up on the blog because I realized another key delicious aspect. It has the absolute perfect amount of salt in it! Rare for cookies. And you can tell it's quality, #2 100x healthier for you Sea Salt rather than Kosher Table Salt. I dare you to think about it while eating one! You'll see.
3rd Time Meyer Lemon Grilled Chicken
 Enjoyed already for dinner here and here, this was the last of it I swear. Went from Mediterranean Garlic Lemon Tahini to Latin American Salsa and Garlic Plantains to today's Lemon Dijon. A crunchy tasty combo of ingredients flavored with attitude.
-Avocado and Purple Cabbage
-Brown Rice, Grilled Meyer Lemon Chicken
-Lemon and Dijon Mustard
 It's an Almond Butter container!
Honey Nut Butter Overnight Oats
#3 Found this great idea on EBF to use any nut butter container to make overnight oats (they are in there I swear) in once the original contents have completely run out, so you really get the most nut butter out of your purchase (the good stuff is expensive!). My first time and I definitely like it. I went with Honey Almond Cinnamon flavoring and Blueberries with more crunchy bee pollen/slivered almonds. It was so sweet and delicious, I almost put in too much cinnamon, which I didn't know was possible. Also entertaining to eat it for a long time trying to salvage out every last bit of Almond butter. I'm totally stoked on bee pollen.
-55g old fashioned oats, 180g soymilk, cinnamon
-blueberries, bee pollen, slivered almonds

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