Friday, April 8, 2011

More Coconut Kefir, Turkey Quinoa- 1st Turkey Nori Wrap!

PreWrap (clockwise from top: Kombu, Carrot, Turkey, Onion, Sunflower/Almonds, Wakame, Rice and Dill center)
Nori Turkey Wrap and Some More
I see many Nori Wraps in my future! #1 Who knew that you could have something better than a tortilla (ok fine, depends on the mood). Right under my nose in sushi all the time, just mini sliced versions of such an epic creation. And to think I was led to make this because now I am truly out of produce in my fridge, leaving just the few dried seaweeds I have along with some carrots and half an onion.  I partially looked at this recipe. On the soaked nuts/seeds, I don't think i'll ever get into the full on soaking methods although it sounds quite beneficial and healthy, these I just did for 45min-hour while the rice maker was at work, and it's apparently long enough for sunflower seeds. Sweet Lemon, Dill, Seaweed, and Soy (Temari) made this dish tasty with compliments of turkey, hummus, and the nut/seed paste really bringing it together. Once again stoked on making something Japanese-esque thats super healthy (not high sodium/sugar)!
-Diestel Pastrami Turkery and Brown Jasmine Rice (cooked with 2 kombu and 2 wakame pieces)
-1 Nori Sheet
-1/4 cup sunflower seeds/almonds 
-Shredded 1/2 Carrot and Grilled 1/2 Onion
-Lemon, Dill Weed, a Dash of Reduced Sodium Temari
Turkey Quinoa Dish
I wasn't planning on finishing all of this, but it's all super healthy so it doesn't matter. I thought I splurged but got hungry not too long after. Nearly the last of all the vegetables in my house for once, I actually had to break into the frozen spinach in the freezer.  Glad I did! The whole Popeye eating lots of spinach thing doesn't come out of no where, it really is incredibly good for you. #2 This bunch has 10g of protein and a bunch of calcium which most people are deficient in. I steamed it to maintain all the nutrients (boiling loses a lot), with a bit of sesame oil and toasted ground sesame seeds. It ended up tasting full of flavor and really sweet from rice wine vinegar! The rest all went together well and was just as delicious.
-Steamed Spinach (sesame oil, sesame seeds, coconut, rice wine vinegar) and Carrots
-Quinoa Leftovers
-Sautéed Onion with Garlic, Ginger, Sesame Oil
-Diestel Farms Pastrami Turkey and Hummus
-Gomasio to top
Coconut Kefir Oats 2.0
Slightly less goodies and sweetness than less time, but just as good. Next time i'm going to mix with a little bit of yogurt (hopefully strained/greek) and sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds definitely go with coconut i've decided since having Bungalow Munch. There was a little pomegranate juice in their but evidently barely not enough to make a huge difference. I couldn't decide between my dried fruit and crunch/nut choices so I went with multiple. #3 The sprouted quinoa adds an amazing crunch factor and ups the protein content! Stoked to have it on hand.
-65g Extra thick Oats, 150g Coconut Kefir, 10g Pom Juice
-Blueberries, Shredded Coconut
-Sprouted Quinoa, Chia Seeds
-Hazelnuts, Dried Pineapple and Bing Cherries

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