Sunday, April 10, 2011

Race Deliciousness, Mexican Chocolate Oatmeal, and Much More

Another solid race! After this cookie bar I didn't feel the need to eat anything super extravagant for dinner and brought all the leftovers from my race prep meal so munched them all down on the car ride home. Convenient and tasty.
The Blind Date
 Wanted to try something a little bit different from Lenny and Larry after the race (after a recovery drink).  These Big Sur Bars are delicious and I love the taste but one bar packs 600 calories (3 servings) and it's hard impossible to eat one third. Pecans, Coconut, Dates, for days, all on top of a Blondie like cookie bar! I love dates and pecans so much! #1 All real healthy ingredients with solid nutrients although I usually feel a little bad after eating them because of the butter in it I think (on top of the calories, sugar, and fat), but didn't really feel it this time and was able to actually feel full after the race for a few hours. Like almost 3...
 Repeat 'Basic' Overnight Oats! Unmixed
Simple yet Special! No more pumpkin butter but did include 20g of Pomegranate juice (more evident in the mixed up photo). It's so awesome knowing exactly what I need to eat before a race (down to the weight of each ingredient!). I don't have to worry or think about over or under-eating. Just have this an hour after I wake up, a Macro Bar 2 hours before the start (Cherries and Berries all day!), and a Gu 15 minutes before the start (for a race at 1pm and waking up at 8. Dialed. Fluids = this big jar of tea, 1 big bottle of water during warm up, and a little more right when I woke up.
-65g oats, 180g soymilk, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves
-25g Pomegranate Juice
-Blueberries, Almond Butter
-Almonds, Dried Cranberries

Repeat Race Prep Dinner: Mediterranean Lemon Garlic Chicken
I did everything the same except was too lazy to make the Tahini dressing so just used the second half of my lemon directly on everything. Brought back avocado, awesome with hummus and the chicken! I also had leeks again cooked with the chicken, which are always delicious.  Definitely now a must for this meal. The corn and wheat flour tortilla i'm not digging so much, it's a little too mexican tasting/not as good or healthy as a quality wheat (not the low carb processed kind) or brown rice tortilla. I definitely ate a lot more than what's shown here too!
-Browned Chicken Breast, Almonds,and Leeks with Lemon, Garlic, Dill Weed, Parsley, Lemon Pepper, 
-Brown Jasmine Rice, Tortilla
-Steamed Broccoli and Rosemary Carrots 
-Cucumber, Tomato, Kalamata Olives
-Woodlands Deli Hummus
Turkey Nori Wrap Round 2
Wasn't gonna include this, but some noteworthy additions for Turkey Nori Wrap round #2  I still have no vegetables, and man am I digging having a bunch of dried seaweed as back up!  I had no onion this time so wanted something more to add, going with frozen cranberries to compliment the turkey. Then I tried out one more kind of dried seaweed that you just soak in water to prepare for seaweed salad, and used rice wine vinegar instead of Temari in my dressing. Definitely improvements.
-Diestel Pastrami Turkery and Brown Jasmine Rice
-Frozen Cranberries
-1 Nori Sheet, 1 Kombu Piece and 2 Wakame (boiled)
-Seaweed Salad Seaweed?
-1/4 cup sunflower seeds soaked/ground
-Carrot 1/2 shredded 1/2 sliced
-Lemon, Dill Weed, Rice Wine Vinegar
 Creamy Mexican Hot Chocolate!
As: Choco-Nana
Stokage this morning for sure! I busted out some Cocoa Powder for the first time for some oatmeal. #3 Riding right after breakfast at home = two differences from my experience during the week. I get to eat something more carbish/sugary since I am about to go ride (not sit in a desk), and I can actually prep something.  This wasn't even sugary, but you could easily sweeten with maple syrup or whatever you please.  Tried as creamy choco-banana oatmeal but then opted for Mexican Hot Chocolate Oatmeal for the extra kick and health benefits. Equally tasty either way!  I actually thought a lot about health making this, cocoa is super healthy (not chocolate with a bunch of milk fat and sugar) and gives a bit of caffeine (good during exercise), and then the seeds and spices are very beneficial as well.  Without spices it was like nutella (next time will do hazelnuts for a true nutella experience for sure) with a big emphasis on creamy choco-banana, but then it got a whole bunch of flavor with a kick of spicyness, and only a hint of banana. The creamyness definitely comes from using oat bran w/ the oats and soymilk.
-1/4c Oat Bran 1/4 cup Oats, 1c Water
-1t Vanilla
-1t Cocoa Powder
-2/3 Large Banana
-2t Chia Seeds
-4-5 Pecans
-Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper

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