Thursday, October 20, 2011

Foodie App Fun

Besides my digital kitchen scale (which I use for quick nutrition, recipes and portioning in a jiffy-pre race best overnight oats stress free), my smartphone serves as an essential kitchen tool.

 Beyond making notes all day about what i'm going to make, eat, or buy and looking at lots of nutrition and food blogs/recipes online, these are the following apps which come to my rescue on the regular.
Seafood Watch
This app by Monterey Bay Aquarium is a progressive and fun tool for finding and choosing the best sea food, for your health and the planet.  
  • Quick and simple guide as to which fish to avoid (including from where and how they are caught)
  •  Search Project Foodmap which locates fish around you, and you can add fish that you find to the project, increasing your profile rank the more fish you add

No more struggling to find and make simple choices on the ever complex subject of choosing healthy sustainable fish!
There a lot of calorie and nutrition apps out there, and you could always just use google, but I rely on this because it's free, has most things I want to look up and does not require web access. 
 You can search to find the food, you get to see the entire nutritional breakdown, and it really has most foods available, like Quail Eggs!
This app is super cool in my opinion. I have always tried to look up what's in season and it's usually inefficient and wishy washy given the area, so this is incredibly handy. 
 You can:
  • Find local markets in your area, 
  • Browse foods to see when they are in season, 
  • See what is in/coming in season in your area (automatically switches as you move to new places). 
  • Not sure about what a food is? Quick links to recipes and wikipedia fix that as well.
For converting measurements I use google or Convert Units  a lot.
 Self explanatory:

I hope you try out some of these apps and benefit your healthy living life!

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