Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Go Macro Giveaway!

Hello readers! I'm excited to announce the first give away by Flavor To Go Fast! After riding for and doing some reviews for GoMacro last year, they've come back interested in helping you guys try out some delicious Macro Bars!
Today I'm going to review the Chocolate Protein Bar, a new addition and my new favorite. But first the giveaway details:
Any reader of this blog can use the code BLOG15 when ordering off of the GoMacro Shop will receive 15% off of one case of bars (not individual bars).

Second, anyone that likes the GoMacro Facebook Page and comments on this blog post is automatically entered to win a free case of MacroBars ($43.35 value!). The winner will be chosen and announced 4 days from today.

Rating: A-

To explain my review of this bar I'll have to give a little info on the progress of my personal nutrition. I used to simply eat gluten free, but after cutting out all grains and legumes for a few months, I now only consume rice for grains because it sits with me the best. I do miss my oats, and for most people they are ok, but like gluten, often times cutting it out will reveal some benefits. I was attracted to this bar for that reason! It does not also make one starving after eating it or shortly after, due to it's lower sugar/carb content and therefore glycemic index. I would prefer whey protein over brown rice, but then it would not be vegan, so I cannot really complain. The use of brown rice syrup for sweetener is also one of my favorite aspects because fructose can definitely be hard to get down and is less ideal for health (sorry all you agave fans!), especially when consuming during training (I've been riding with these bars every day recently!).

On the flavor, I love it! Chocolate protein is a simple title that works for a number of audiences, but to me its more like Chocolate Tahini Crunch or Chocolate Sesame Crunch! And that's a great thing! I never new cocoa could go so well with a bit of grainy crunchy sesameness and sunflower seed.

If you want a tasty and nutritionally appropriate bar that's not overly carb heavy/sugary (especially not from fructose) for good long lasting energy and a little extra protein, this is the ticket!

I'm sad to say I just finished my last Chocolate Protein Macrobar on my 3.5 hour training ride today! And it made me feel so strong on those intervals!


  1. I love GoMacro. Just this morning I had a peanut protein bar for breakfast on the go. I have tried the Chocolate Protein, however, they are hard to find at a Whole Foods near me. I would love to win a case :)

  2. I love Go Macro and I already "like" them on facebook.

  3. MacroBars are awesome and so is your review! I give you an A+!
    I feel great every time I eat a bar and have more energy.
    GoMacro! Go Max!!!

  4. RayRay won unless he does not respond!

  5. Is it too late to enter this contest since no one won?

  6. are you still blogging??


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