Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I felt like an update was in order so here we go. Some good recent eats and things:
The garden I was inspired to grow after having access to one of epic proportions in NZL now kicks ass. This is the progress from around 4-5 weeks.  From left to right: Rosemary (cutoff), Carrots/Thyme, Kale, Cabbage, Cucumber (and lots of Mint in pots and behind). I ate the carrots already and planted Basil, Summer Squash, and Tomatoes!
Lemon Pepper Kale Omelette
A breakfast with little carbs, but incredible tasty. Cook 3 egg whites in a pan with some Kale and mini sweet red peppers on top, fold after a while and cook some more with some lemon. Plate and top with the yolks, avocado on the side, and Sea Salt and Cayenne Pepper over everything. More lemon if desired. Yolks are healthier and tastier raw. Whites are healthier and tastier cooked. Nuff said.
A winner. Cayenne Pepper is a lot better for you than black.
Not as pretty, but almost as good. The left is the Brassica Special (class of veggies) and the right is GF Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Some baked chicken breast w/ random herbs/spices sliced on top of the key players: mashed cauliflower, asparagus, and bok choy. All steamed and topped with a little butter and balsamic

For the mashed cauliflower: Cauliflower steamed w/ 3-5 Garlic Cloves, then Food processor-ed for a while with Rosemary, Oregano, Butter, Raw Milk, Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper. Watch the pepper and garlic amounts, they are strong!

For the cookies (3): 1 egg, 2T butter, 1/8c Milk, 1/8t Baking soda, 3/4c Almond Flour, 1/4c Coconut Flour, 1 small packet Xylitol (maybe 1t), Handful Dark Chocolate Chips 73%, pinch Sea Salt, 1t Vanilla

Add more milk or more almond flour if you need to achieve better dough consistency. Bake until browned (for me toaster oven 350ยบ ~15 minutes).

I realized that the key players in the dough for the cookies are simply almond flour and coconut flour in your desired ratio (more almond=more chewy/dense more coconut=more light airy),  milk (raw of course), vanilla, sea salt and sweetener. So if you just feel like making some dough to eat mix up w/ some Xylitol or Honey and go at it, adding chocolate chips, crystalized ginger, nuts, dried fruit etc for a splurging snack/dessert.
I liked this.


  1. All looks awesome as always! Do you cook the egg yolks at all, or litterally just put them back on top totally raw?

    Will try those cookies soon!

  2. Do you still follow paleo diet?? I recently watched the Primitive Nutrition series on youtube and am quite shocked;; You really should try watching few. I used to be a big fan of paleo, but I don't think so anymore...

    1. I mostly still do with some modifications so it depends what you call paleo. I include rice/soaked brown rice, and raw dairy. still no other grains or legumes, and only pastured meat and wild seafood. lots of it! ill check those out

    2. just checked out the videos. I admire his criticism and see where he's coming from on some issues, but think he is way off (no offense). some ideas in paleo are definitely questionable, but I cannot see much validity in a vegan diet. paleo is practically plant based for a lot of people, so depending on said vegan, they are not too different. I'd love to email with you or go into this further if your interested

    3. I've just read your reply.
      I used to be very interested in "traditional diets" and even read Deep Nutrition by Dr. Shannahan. However, recently I've realized there's so much more scientific data supporting the Lipid Hypothesis then Paleo. I personally watched the whole series, including the ones that talk about Grains and Legumes (and also Denise Minger, Masai, Eskimos etc.). As a science student, I can't help but be convinced by this guy.
      I also watched Dr. McDougall's presentation called "the Starch Solution" and it was very fascinating to find out grains were the center of real civilizations.
      If you feel your best at ancestral nutrition, then that's great. I just thought I would let people know about the researches presented in the video :)

  3. Not being a science student, I must say that everything presented anecdotally, along with the ideas of tradition/origins and eating food CLOSE to the ground, raw, etc. I am more convinced to the paleo side of things. Are you moving in the opposite direction from paleo or just modified? I agree some people's definition of paleo is bad but curious as to what you do gravitate towards now.


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