Sunday, October 21, 2012

Taste Pavillion

Part 2: The Taste Pavillion!
 Free grass fed beef samples! Yes please. So tender! Estancia Beef does it right.
 Wild Alaska Seafood really does taste better and this Halibut Curry recipe was too die for. Not too spicy or too sweet.  They were promoting a 'Cook Frozen' Program, with recipes guiding you to start from frozen.
 Cupcakes I did not try but admired while keeping GF.
 More TCHO! So much better than Ghiradelli. Once again, each flavor merely changes the bean and does not add additional ingredients. Awesome.
 Redwood Farms Goat Yogurt and Cheeses are awesome. Never fed on grain, some of their cheeses are raw. Goats are cool.
 Wallaby is actually a NorCal baby as well! Cows from Marin and Sonoma, mostly fed on grass.  A new line of thicker greek yogurts I do admire.
 All kinds of veggie chips. Their tomato chips were really something. Just Pure.
 The 4th floor of the Metreon was a great venue and hanging out outside with a view of Yerba Buena Gardens and the rest of SF was even better.


  1. I found myself in a picture...yay! Glad you enjoyed the event and especially the tender beef we were grilling up.

    Love your blog, the pictures are great. Now following your blog. Good luck with upcoming ventures :)

    1. Thanks! Your samples were so delicious! I've actually purchased your beef before at Good Earth in Fairfax and had nothing but good experiences with it. Really hoping that grass fed beef will take over the market soon!

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