Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exploded Kombucha, Gai Lan Stir Fry and Honest TEA

After discovering one of my bottles of kombucha :( that was finishing the fermentation process exploded, breakfast same as usual except banana, blueberries, and soy milk.
Lunch was mollie stones greek salad with my own apple cider vinegar dressing and added chicken and beets. And one of my oatmeal cookies. My apologies for the bad picture.

Gai Lan Broccoli (Japanese) and Squash stir fry (garlic/olive oil/chicken broth) and bok choy, romaine lettuce, and tomato salad.  All mixed together with soy sauce on the stir fry, and baslamic vinegor dijon mustard dressing on the salad and quinoa.

A galaxy granola cereal parfait with nectarine and blueberries. AND A NEW SUPPLY FROM HONEST TEA. Looking forward to the new sugar free sweetened with stevia Passion Fruit Green Tea with Maqui Berry.

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