Thursday, November 25, 2010

I WIN. Thanksgiving Complete.

That was the best! Ever. The Appetite Seminar before worked out perfectly too.  This blog might get boring the next few days cause it's going to be left overs! Jk, but sort of...  This post i'll treat you to links to the recipes I used (yes, recipes for once, b/c I don't have pie/thanksgiving experience).
    I am going to show just the dishes/desserts that I made, so don't worry, I enjoyed my fair share of stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce too (just my highlights from the meal).  Main thing worth mentioning was  our guests brought some really bomb Prosciutto and Porcini Mushroom Stuffing which was exploding with awesome rosemary flavor.
 This was so easy to make for how many compliments I got, everyone seemed to like it a lot.  The picture doesn't do it justice, so just try and picture the sweet, coconut, flavor with a hint of ginger and curry. If you want a quick and delicious side, make this.
 My Vegan/Vegetarian Additions were sprinkled through out the table...
Everyone seemed to enjoy these, they were really a nice blend of crunch, garlic, basil, onion, and thyme flavor.  Next time I will use more bread crumbs and tomato. I also used pistachios instead of cashews since i'm allergic.  If I was vegetarian I would of been fine eating these as my main!  If you want a tasty, healthy main dish, make this.

I am now a master of pies! Vegan, that is.  I had never made pies before today.  I actually could of just kept eating these for days, but forced myself to stop knowing the short / long term consequences 
Definitely make which ever one of these you'd prefer if you feel like an easy to make, healthy, yummy pie!
My pies were equally epic.  The Pecan Pie tasted of pecans, barley malt (trust me, it's good), maple, and spices, and was really sweet.  If you want rich/dessert like, this was the ticket.  The crusts could of been a little different for my taste, but they were so easy to make I can't really complain (they were crumbly, but I prefer scone consistency).  However, my grandma liked my crusts better than the buttery crust on the competing buttery/egg filled pumpkin pie at the table (which was definitely way worse overall)!
      This pie was a little lighter, because it had a lot less rich/super sweet ingredients (less sinful).  The texture and flavor were fire.  I used a Sugar Pie Pumpkin, baked and pureed myself.  All the best qualities (pumpkin, cloves, ginger) of pumpkin pie with a hint of banana!  I enjoyed multiple slices of both pies with some surprisingly healthy soy vanilla ice cream which went perfectly.  I am going to be eating these pies post-rides for the next week for sure. I could almost go eat some more right now...
Quick Batch Before the Turkey Day Ride
Fueling up with some thick oats, strawberries and cinnamon cooked in, topped with strawberries, a lil' vanilla hemp protein powder, and soymilk.

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