Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Tricks and Twists

Not to worry, the leftovers are running low, this stint won't last much longer!
 Minor Italian Influence 
Some Farro (wheat berries) with Sun Dried Tomato and Olive oil to mix up with leftover turkey.
-Freshly sauteed mushrooms, tomato, and eggplant spiced with rosemary, garlic salt, and thyme
-Escarole salad with balsamic vinegar
-Cranberry sauce of course!
 The last slice of Pecan Pie for dessert with a dollop of yogurt
 Hummus Cranberry Avocado FTW
Another turkey sando on wheat: cranberry sauce, avocado, cucumber, and hummus.  Accompanied by a mixed greens salad with tomato/avocado, but today dressed with hummus and cranberry sauce. Trust me, it's an epic combo!
Berries N' Cream (sort of)
Almost got bored of pumpkin pie for breakfast, but no! I went with strawberry and banana with yogurt this time, and added a glob of almond butter some sprinkled cinnamon (after photo taken). Delish

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