Monday, January 10, 2011

The Real Way to Measure Food, Guide To Salsa, Basil Pesto

Dinner was a bunch of vegetables from the fridge, with some Garlic Cilantro Tilapia and Sun Flower Seed Bread. #1 Enjoyed semi Mexi-Style with Salsa, Corn and Avocado! The salsa was too hot, so mixing in corn and avo appropriately made it all better.  More advanced thought would of led to a heated wheat wrap and busting out some beans but there's always next time...
-Tilapia cooked in a pan with Lemon, Garlic, Cilantro, Garlic Powder, Olive Oil
-Rosemary Oven Roasted Carrots
-Avocado, Medium Garlic Salsa
-Broccoli, Corn
-T Joes Sunflower Seed Bread

Another "Wasn't going to blog this" but felt too cool eating such a nice meal on the go at school. Just Leftovers...
 Mixed Up
Before Mixing
Simply leftovers from dinner, except with Basil Pesto, Hummus, a few tomatoes, some Herb Chicken and some tofu. #2 The Basil Pesto was fire with the sun dried tomato in the farro. I am going to mix the two again for sure!
 I used my new scale to easily make a whole batch of my Muesli instead of a single serving. It's so nice having this around!
-Easier to measure things without bending over and messing around with pesky measuring cup lines
-Easier to divide/distribute food evenly
-Easier to assess quantities or servings (my eyes are no longer bigger than my stomach)
 I would post the Muesli quantities but figure most in the US don't weigh food to measure it, Europeans/Asians are way ahead of us (email me if you want the proportions)
Turns out I got them all right because it was epic! Not chalky, dry, flavorless, or too soft or crunchy.
-Muesli (oats, oat bran, rye flakes, flax meal, hazelnuts, almonds, cinnamon, cranberries)
-Pineapple and Pomegranate
-Yogurt, Agave Nectar, Lemon

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