Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Double Pumpkin Day, Killing it!

I'm Winning
 If how much I liked my food was a game, I would be killing it right now.  The best thing about eating super healthy meals is you get hungry more and end up eating larger quantities of tasty food at no cost. Including dessert. That's how I came upon this.  Old meets new. No Bake Bars meet Pumpkin Butter (another courtesy of EBF). Both too easy to make! If you set me loose on this P Butter in the wrong conditions things could go very wrong... and only took 5 minutes to make. It's Pumpkin Pie turned into Apple Sauce.
-No Bake Bar and Tulsi Rose Tea
-Pumpkin Butter to top (recipe is linked, but basically, brown sugar, pumpkin, water, spices heated and mixed)
Spiced Stir Fry and Quinoa
 Now that Quinoa works for my breakfasts, #2 I am extra motivated to make it for dinner, saving some for breakfast.  That's two birds in one stone for ya.  Some Quinoa mixed with Tempeh and Spicy Stir Fry, accompanied by my classic Rainbow Chard Saute with a twist. All topped with some extra Olive Oil, Sea Salt, and a bit of Hummus as necessary. An epic compilation of Indian Spiced vegetables, Quinoa, and Tempeh.
-Quinoa, Tempeh, Cucumber, Avocado
-Stir Fry Fennel, Carrot, Onion stir fried with Coriander, Cayenne, Curry, Turmeric, Fennel Seed
-R Chard Saute (lemon, thyme, veggie broth) with Curry twist to match the rest of the dish
Easy Lunch
 Turkey Wrap. Easy, clean, and tasty. Nothin' like unwrapping the foil from a wrap/burrito at school and just eating in hand.
-Wheat wrap, Herb Turkey, Hummus, Brown Rice
-Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Avocado, Olives (already mixed up from dinner)
Pumpkin Overnight Oats (also inspired by EBF)
After throwing together the Pumpkin Butter I finished the can off exactly so you'll get a break from it soon. I am still just getting over how awesome and easy overnight oats are #3 (just mix the night before and let the absorption do it's thing), but not quite getting over how yummy and awesome it is to just open a can of pumpkin and have such awesome food/flavor. This was as good or better than my Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl. Soft, gushy, massive sweet pumpkin pie flavor which is still epic with blueberries, and a little crunch of nuts.  I could of gone with a little more crunch. Same as the linked EBF recipe except the following changes:
-Less Banana, Many Blueberries, Hazelnuts
-Coconut flakes, A bit of Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Ginger instead of Pumpkin Spice (I don't have any and it's the same thing) 2 drops of Stevia

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