Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sponsor Highlight MacroBar, Matcha Mango Blueberry Radness, Sol Food Online

Mexican/Latin American food is pretty much the fast food of mountain bikers. Most don't usually eat any unhealthier. It's not that bad for you, but can be a little heavy on the oil.
Sol Food Online?
    Was feeling a bit roasted after training today and have been cooking a lot so opted for Sol Food delivery (also no chicken in the freezer, and need some solid protein after a harder training day).  I did it all online which is so cool. Credit card? done. Take as long as I want to analyze every last detail on the menu? Done (with photos!). Sol Food does things right. Can't wait for the new bigger space to open up next door. I also looked on the web and found out one of the secrets to their cuisine is rice bran oil, which I will be experimenting with soon. I wanted to get the black beans for the first time, mainly so I could use one of the Tostones as a massive tortilla chip, but we ended up with the pink beans, which are still epic because of the olives! The taste is a good familiar one and all of their ingredients are always ripe and fresh. I'm still experiencing the garlic of course.
-Ensalada Con Pollo w/ brown rice (from home)
-Habichuelas Rosadas (beans)
-1 Maduro (sweet plantain) and 1 Tostone (savory plantain-tortilla chip)
-Spicy Sauce and Lemon Garlic Dressing
Some good ranting about nutrition in the beginning...
     Super stoked on getting my team to partner with GoMacro! They make awesome bars (and cookies which I haven't tried) that are macrobiotic, vegan (dairy free), gluten free, soy free, and have minimal fructose.  It's way to easy to eat too much soy daily since it's in so many products, and few bars are sweetened with solely brown rice syrup, which is arguably better for you than fructose heavy sweeteners like cane sugar/syrup.  This means cleaner, longer digestion that is much easier on your system. When your pushing your body to the limit to train, eating what's easy on your system is how you get to go fast!  I can only eat 3 out of 10 flavors due to nut allergies, but I am totally pleased with them. My favorite is Cherries and Berries, followed by Almond Butter w/ Carob and then Tahini Date. There's a minimal amount of ingredients, and it's not often that you get to eat awesome things like Tahini or Carob in a bar! I am really pleased with the Carob. I could go for a little more protein and slightly less fat, but for most people the other flavors offer that balance.
Go buy Matcha Powder!
I got some Matcha Powder from Gathering Thyme in hopes of making matcha salt to put on Egg Whites , and occasionally enjoy a nice Green Tea, but I first thought of adding it to my Overnight Oats. Holy crap. It was genius! It's a little expensive so I was skeptical in my purchase but you don't use much at a time and it is totally awesome! Since it's partially intended for brewing Green Tea Latte's, mixing it in the soymilk in my oats worked perfectly.  It was a harmonious combination of totally sweet n' creamy Green Tea flavor with all the right other ingredients.  Matcha Mango Blueberry Radness. I added some of the dried mango in the overnight phase and soaked and 'undried', which was pretty cool/good.  I couldn't decide whether Pecans or Almonds would be better for some crunch and healthy fat, so used both, and decided Pecans are the way to go. Then I realized it could of been even better with a splash of shredded coconut. Until next time...
-60g oats, 200g soymilk, 1 teaspoon Matcha Powder, 3-5 drops Stevia
-Dried Mango, Almonds, Pecans

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