Saturday, March 12, 2011

Matcha Salt Egg Whites, Latino Lunch, Mediterranean Race Prep

Race Prep Dinner: Mediterranean Lemon Garlic Chicken
Since my success at the last race after this dinner, I decided to basically repeat it in hopes of the same result! I did everything the same except had Heirloom Tomato instead of Cherry, and no Avocado so just went with extra Hummus and Lemon Garlic Tahini Sauce. #1 Definitely a cleaner meal, yet still flavorful! I also had Leeks cooked with the Chicken, which are always delicious.  My flavor highlights were the Olives and Tahini Sauce, so much Lemon! A partial Burrito as usual.
-Grilled Chicken Breast, Almonds,and Leeks with Lemon, Garlic, Dill Weed, Parsley, Lemon Pepper, 
-Brown Rice, Tortilla Wrap
-Steamed Broccoli and Rosemary Carrots 
-Cucumber, Tomato, Olives
-Hummus and Garlic Lemon Tahini (just like it sounds)
Latino Turkey-Tuna Salad Combo
No major cooking for lunch, just a solid array of ingredients!  Quasi-Latin American feel with Plantain, Salsa, Garlic and Avocado.  It was sweet, savory, and creamy all in one. A mix of two salads with yummy toppings and some Euro Pumpernickel to go with. Easy and delicious. #2 Sweet Ripe Plantains go surprisingly well in salad with Garlic and Rice Wine Vinegar.
-Tuna Salad (below) supplemented with Pastrami Turkey
-Spring Mix Greens, Rice Wine Vinegar
-Avocado, Sweet Ripe Plantain, Sabra Spinach-Artichoke Hummus, Salsa
-Euro-Pumpernickel Rye
Matcha Salt on Egg's Benedict Whites
Change is good! Sometimes we get caught up in our routines, which is efficient, relaxing, and easy, but if you don't slow down once in a while and take a step back to mix it up, you might miss it (Ferris Bueller anyone?). That's what today's breakfast is all about!  The original reason I invested in Matcha Powder. Matcha Salt.  I finally made it due to my inkling for something other than oatmeal this morning. Waffles would take too long, so Matcha Salt on Egg Whites took the win. My own variation, partially an experiment, enjoyed on Euro-Style Pumpernickel Rye Bread partially with Nori and partially with super ripe sweet Plantain! And avocado.  The first half w/ Nori was Salty and Flavorful (Seaweed+Green Tea=Harmony) and the second half was a nice combo of Sweet and Salty! Avocado went well on both. A new winner for sure. Kind of like savory half first course to sweet and savory second half for dessert/second course. Love it when that happens.
-3 Egg Whites split between 2 Egg's Benedict Rings cooked in Olive Oil
-Euro Pumpernickel Bread, Nori, Plantain, Avocado
-Matcha Salt (1 Part Matcha 3.5 Parts Sea Salt) and Olive Oil to top
Tuna Salad Deluxe
Made another Tuna Salad for dinner, enjoyed with some Spinach Pita from the Farmer's Market that I toasted until crispy in a pan.  The main differences this time were 3 different colors of top notch carrots form the Farmer's Market, sauteed Fennel, and #3 Dill Pickles as a substitute for Olives (it worked!).  Extra good all together when mixed on a yummy pita with hummus! And the Avocado is in the salad.
-Can o' Tuna, Tri Color Carrots, Cucumber, Sauteed Fennel, a Dill Pickle, White Onion
   -Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil, Crushed Garlic Cloves, Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper
-Toasted Spinach Pita and Hummus

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