Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flavor Continues to Go Fast!!! With a celebratory dinner and lots of treats.

Going to get this out quick since i'm tired from the best day ever! Victorious again! Find out all about it here:
Mostly the same as race day last time, but a few delicious differences, and an awesome celebratory dinner with my parents on the way home at one of #1 MY TOP NEW FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: Rumi
The Entrees
The only Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food I get to eat that's not prepared at home, is either the Med Plate at Aroma Cafe or the falafel special from the Lebanese lady at the farmer's market. I was pretty excited to try out Rumi (Persian/Iranian), and it was totally worth the suspense. Here we have the Falafel Dish, Chicken Breast Kabob, and Braised Chicken in Tomato-Saffron Sauce with Barberry Pilloves and Carmelized Onions and Saffron. Oh my god. All amazing. If I got into the flavors of each and why they are all so good you'd be stuck here for a while so I recommend simply going there and ordering these dishes if you can get (you should make) the chance. And there's a million other dishes I wanted to order but could only eat so much. All I know is i'll be back soon and am adding Barberry Pilloves (they are like dried cranberries but more sour and delicious) and Saffron to my cooking asap.
The Appetizers
We started with the Sauteed Eggplant, Dolmehs, and Cucumber Yogurt Mix. Plus they gave us Pita and a plate of Herbs and Feta Cheese which were delicious (especially the Anise and Mint). They are well known for the eggplant dish and I can see why. that's a kind of yogurt sauce and carmelized onions on top, making it extra good, especially on a nice warm toasty pita. The dolmeh's are like none other because they are fresh, warm, sauteed in herbs, and have split peas in them. And it's hard to not make a good yogurt cucumber mix! Nuff said.
Nori Onigiri
Also getting better at making Onigiri's! This was in the car ride to hold me over 'til dinner. they are the best on the go snacks. #2 The key I was missing was Sea Salt dissolved in the water that you sprinkle in the plastic baggy or seran wrap. somehow that made it not fall apart. Bring nori separately to wrap and enjoy! It didn't fall apart and it was delicious (and slightly salty!).
Secondary "Recovery"
Still hungry a little while later waiting for podiums so I went for the Oatmeal Raspberry Cookies I made on Thursday night (more to come in a separate post about these soon). I ate one of these; they are about 6" in diameter and totally awesome! I am getting closer in my cookie quest. I advanced slightly since this batch, but will continue to progress.
Primary Recovery
Recovery Treat #1: Lenny and Larry Cookie's and Cream Muscle Brownie
 Once again, protein dense, absolutely delicious, and easy to digest. Except this time accompanied by a nice Orange Mango Honest Ade! Still the usual recovery drink first (Gu Brew Strawberry Watermelon Recovery).  More about the brownie from what it tastes like here from last time.
Copied Breakfast
This blog has become quite a useful tool for me both in tracking my diet when I'm curious for certain trends/patterns but also in referencing successful meals of the past (use the search bar, it's the best)! I did the same overnight oats to enjoy on the car ride to the race. #3 I like this for races because I can eat in the car and sleep in longer but still eat a legit meal! and have something to do in the car...
-60g oats, 200g soymilk, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves
-BlueberriesPumpkin Butter, Almond Butter
-Almonds, Dried Cranberries

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