Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Final Stretch: Sun Valley Nationals Celebration!

Post XC RACE AT NATIONALS! I've been talking about overeating post race, but this topped it all. With the biggest race of the season out of the way, I felt no need to hold back. That's saying something since I already hold back very little after races.
 I haven't had ice cream in almost a few years (froyo doesn't count), and only recently realized how many awesome alternatives there are.  Coconut, Almond, Rice...  The markets in Ketchum had a ton to choose from, including some REAL Froyo as well (ingredients: Greek Yogurt, Honey), which was quite impressive but unfortunately I didn't get to try.  I went with the coconut option, and ginger caramel cookie sounded to good. I planned on eating 1/3 or 1/2 of the carton as a foreseeable amount, but ended up eating the entire thing! thats nearly 1000 calories of deliciousness. I see more coconut bliss in my future...
 I've become obsessed with coconut water recently. It hits the spot perfectly when I need some rehydration, and the health benefits are insane.  Just google it. The gluten free selection in town was also pretty epic, and these muffins did not let down. Cinnamony, Coconutty, sweet crunchy Carrot-Currant for the win. This was after the ice cream! After all that and a real lunch I felt full for about the rest of the day!
 One of the better leftovers lunches!
A Ginger Seared Ahi Tuna Steak along with some salad/avocado/carrot and a Sweet Potato, topped with some Cheesy Kale Chips I finally decided to buy, and Tahini/Almond Butter on the sweet potato. I am officially a fan of kale chips, although would prefer some basic non-'cheezy' ones.

Toppings for sweet potatoes even though they are delicious alone are all too good, so I usually do half and half. Greek Yogurt and Hummus this time!
Probably my favorite meal, we had numerous times during the trip. Tender chicken breasts baked with Chile Flakes, TJ's Gyoza Sauce, Basil, and Lemon Pepper, accompanied by Baked Sweet Potato and Vegetables sauteed with the same spices.  The veggies are soft and sweet but occasionally spicy, and supply the perfect combo of flavor with broccoli, different bell peppers, and cauliflower. Also a balsamic salad with avocado! 
  Next up, ALL THE BEST WHISTLER EATS. This is what I wait all year for. Seriously. I've tried to remake the Whistler cookies 50+ times and have to force myself not to think about all my favorite eats their to avoid the pain of not having it! Coming Soon.

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