Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Experimental Whistler Kitchen

I am definitely going to be going out of my way in the future to get my hands on grass fed meat.
I enjoyed this local grass fed rib eye steak for lunch (below) and (here) dinner with my first time making a massaged kale salad. Stoked on both!

I went for Japanese theme with some Baked Kabocha Squash (one with less green/more orangey skin, so much sweeter?) topped with coconut oil and cinnamon of course (INSANE TASTING), and then included mozuku and nori seaweed in the salad with a Kimchee Juice, Flax Oil, Yuzu (Citron Juice), and splash of Temari dressing.

 I was skeptical about the raw kale but it was delicious and digested fine. Kelp noodles, Lemon Cucumber and Basil in there as well. The kelp and mozuku made it extra slimy and delicious. Not cooking the kale seems to give you so much more bang for your buck! I think i'll be on a new kick...
I simply broiled ~5 minutes on each side after patting dry and doing a little Cumin, S&P on each side w/ olive oil.
For lunch I paired it up with some delicious roasted sweet potato wedges I discovered (see below) and topped with cumin/turmeric, and then a traditional Balsamic Salad jazzed with Cashews and Seaweed (greens, flax oil, cider/balsamic vinegar, basil, cucumber. It goes with steak perfectly! I think I like the bison I tried out before a little more, but definitely don't mind this to change it up at all!
These sweet potato wedges are super convenient (as if throwing a potato in the even isn't easy enough). A bit faster though and more roasty than the baked version. Plus topping with spices is easy + delicious (Rosemary and Sea Salt to come...).
Nice short ingredient list: sweet potato. 
I could have bought the fries cut but they had more ingredients I didn't want.
I've been baking/experimenting a lot to use up the ingredients I have laying around and see what happens.  These cookies were a hit with the flat mates and I discovered the effects of whey protein powder+baking soda!
They puffed up quite a bit, turning into muffin top cookies. Good depending on what your going for, but the flavor was dialed.
I used carob chips and they were delicious. Gluten free with nut and oat flours. Not quite recipe share worthy, but they were largely based off this, which is.
No more oats and nuts, onto the quinoa and brown rice flour. The rest of the carob chips (some of which were melted into a clump, so I melted it and mixed it into the batter) + some dark chocolate chunks.
These were quite grainy from the quinoa flour, which might not be the best for chocolate chip cookies. They were chewier and mushier which I liked, thanks to reducing the baking powder. More to come!


  1. Hey man! Cool blog- I just came across it and love the crazy combos and your eating philosophy!

  2. Thanks! It's changed so much>vegeterian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, grain free etc... It's amazing how we learn and develop


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