Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waffle Testing

Although using my super easy protein waffle/pancake batter to make waffles is ideal, sometimes an even faster breakfast is in order. And I was out to find the best.
I looked online first at various gluten free freezer waffle options, and none will be as healthy as making your own due to the use of vegetable oils and potato starch, but on occasion the best of them all will suffice.
I narrowed it down to two brands based on the best ingredients and here's how it went.
This Nature's Path Buckwheat Berry Waffle was good, I would prefer it without the berry flavor but all around I can't complain.
It paired perfectly with 'Protein Yogurt' (Just mix powder with less liquid) made with Vanilla Vegan Protein, Coconut Milk, and some extra Cinnamon of course. I could eat it for days. I dabbed a little coconut oil to melt on as well.

I also toasted the waffle with some berries from the freezer, and they got nice and tart/on the verge of explosion! Some were just enjoyed fresh as well to mix it up.

I've been on a hot cocoa with the weather in Canada going from summer to winter in <24 hours (85º to 45º). This is the healthiest best i've had, no sugar. Just Unsweetened Dagoba Cocoa w/ Hot water, a little Coconut Milk and 3-4 drops of Stevia. Even better tasting than the decadent version.

At first I instantly thought, wow this van's waffle is truly plain and less good than the nature's path buckwheat (where the buckwheat really makes a difference for a fresher more whole real waffle taste) but then I realized it tastes like an eggo! Ironic?

They are about equally healthy, so in the end if you want a slightly berry flavored, more whole wheat real tasting waffle go with the buckwheat, and for an eggo substitute go with the van's. I care for both!
Sometimes I just feel like munching on a ton of steamed vegetables. Extra soft, with sesame oil and seeds on my squash. Hummus as well, and some tender lightly spiced with herbs chicken breast, melt in your mouth with a hint of coconut oil...
And some more experimental cookies! Pretty successful this time qith quinoa/brown rice flour, and Japanese sweetened red bean.
 Cherries and Cacao Nibs go so well together...


  1. cherries and cocoa nibs sounds like a spectacular combo!

  2. All those eats look great man. Takes me back to the Eggos days, topped with real butter and filling every little square with a drop of maple syrup haha. Ok, I never has the patience (or desire) to do that, but my best friend always did...


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