Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keeping It Grass Fed and Japanese

I just moved back to Norcal from Canada so apologize for the lack of blogging but will be posting all the last Canadia eats in this post + one more! And a blog update over at with tons of riding and traveling photos soon as well.

Who said eggs, potatoes and breakfast sausage couldn't be sweet potato, free range eggs, ground grass-fed buffalo, and cooked in coconut oil?

Wins all around. The coconut oil for the eggs (and last sweet potato wedges thrown in) makes such a difference in the taste.

I truly enjoyed the sausage, first one i've eaten in a looong time. I used some pine-nut/sunflower seed 'hummus' I made on the sweet potato and then some fresh greens with a Red Miso and Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing.
 I recently got into some giant tender creamy garlicy scallops, and am not quite over my epic flavor combo of Ginger-Miso-Garlic-Temari-and Nutritional Yeast for miso soup (with kale), so enjoyed this nice big bowl accompanied by also recent favorite kabocha squash!
The more orange skinned kabochas are definitely much sweeter (i've heard the best tasting squashes are the uglier ones)! I decided to include an up and personal photo of the epic melty coconut oil and cinnamon combo on already delicious sweet mushy squash.
 Some more Farmer's Market Local BC Grass-Fed Rib Eye Steak. This time stove top broiled and topped with a White Wine and Miso Sauce.
 Boy am I loving it rare! Probably because of my addiction to sushi.

Sauté in coconut oil on medium-high heat for just ~2 minutes per side.
I also roasted garlic in the oven for the first time thanks to Oh She Glows. Combine that with a sauce that beats A1 by about 1000x and you have the tastiest steak dinner ever. Plus a yummy sweet potato and massaged kale salad with more Red Miso and Cider Vinegar Dressing. Definitely repeating this in the future!

Please comment if your keen to find out the 'recipes' (was a while ago so wasn't eager to try and remember the details).


  1. Man, when you coming my way and bringing me some of that sausage?! I THINK I got a kabocha squash the other day (but it may have been buttercup?) Regardless, it smelled gross like cucumbers when I sliced it, but after baking was amazing!

  2. I don't know given that A) There aren't really any big races to get to in Florida yet and B) I am no longer in Whistler so must locate a new source of delicious buffalo sausages! Congrats on the kabocha, delicious squashes are off the hook! Who ever thinks the only good high carb veggies are sweet potatoes/yams is far off!

  3. Looks quite delicious! Does coconut oil taste coconutty or different since it's just the oil? I've only yet tried coconut butter (which is so-incredibly-delicious)

  4. if you want the coconut flavor (which I always do), get some quality unrefined cold pressed coconut oil. however, if you want it to be 100 percent neutral get refined coconut oil. I use nutiva


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