Saturday, September 3, 2011

Noodly Day!

My first time cooking prawns/shrimp, and it's so delicious! I had some kale to use and bought some enoki mushrooms so decided to break it down.
Garlic Ginger Miso Prawns w/ Kale
I knew garlic would be good, and then jazzed it up using coconut oil, miso and minced ginger as well. It turned into an epic stir fry with soo much flavor.
With more goodies...
  • Prawns
  • Garlic, Ginger, Miso, Coconut Oil
  • Purple Kale
  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • Accompanied by: Kimchee, Avocado, Carrot, Sushi Ginger
Sweetness from the miso/coconut and so much flavor from the ginger-garlic-miso with a hint of coconut! I loved the kale and yummy stringy mushrooms that were like noodles with a kick of spice from the kimchee. For vegetarians I highly recommend this dish even without the prawns!
This dinner got real fancy real fast! I originally just wanted pesto zucchini noodles...(just use a peeler)
Then I threw in every noodle like ingredient I had besides real noodles! Sautéed in garlic/olive oil/TJ's Everyday Seasoning with the chicken (and the less noodly zucchini pieces) and voila! 
 Some baba ghanoush/avo with my gluten free bread from before and some of the best thai bangkok pesto (non-dairy version with coconut milk instead of cheese).
 Thai Chicken 'Noodle' Pesto
The most extravagant chicken veggie noodle pesto dish ever! Best way to eat pasta grain free!
  • Chicken Breast, Olive Oil, Garlic, TJ's Everyday
  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • Bella Mushrooms
  • Yam Noodles! (thank you Japanese influence all over Whistler)
  • Peeled Zucchini
  • Carrots, Olives, Avo, Baba Ghanoush
  • Gluten Free Bread
  • Thai Bangkok Pesto Sauce (lots of coconut and lime!)
 The baba ghanoush made it like Mediterranean Basil Pesto but the Bangkok made it Thai! The best of both worlds...
Gluten Free Herb Dessert Bread
I'll leave with the last of my bread from before enjoyed as recovery food with a brown rice protein-brazil nut milk-vanilla shake! Toasted w/ hazelnut butter and drizzled w/ coconut butter and it's insanely delicious! I was so pleased. (it is fairly sweet from the date and agave despite it's herb flavoring so the butters go perfect). 

I hope you try either one of these dishes for your own benefit! Even without the meat if that's your thing.

What's your favorite fusion food?

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