Monday, October 24, 2011

Triple Chocolate Cookies

This post is all about these Grain Free Super Chocolate Cookies which I will be making again, but first a bit about Kombucha!
I've made my own for a while before, but only drink 1-3 bottles per week and with my travel/limited time I've now switched to buying GT's again. Especially since they reintroduced the Classic stronger variety (actually raw, more health benefits) after the Kombucha Outlaw last Summer.

They really give me some good energy as well as help digestion, and now with the Chia varieties, I can sneak in some extra healthy nutrient packed fat with Omega 3's (although my main sources are still fish oil and grass fed meats/pastured eggs and yogurt, since you only convert 10-15% of Omega 3's in the ALA form to the beneficial stuff).

The Chia versions aren't carbonated, so easier to drink for those not used to Kombucha, and they remind me of slurping jello as a child. I've tried Cherry and Raspberry so far and they are delightful.

The also new "Third Eye Chai" flavor which is exactly as awesome as it sounds.

Now for Chocolate. Cookies.
I'd like to call them Triple Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Almond Fudge Cookies!!!
I actually followed the recipe for once (since it didn't require any grains/sweetener/dairy), almost:
  •  1/4 Cup Cacao Nibs and 2 Squares of 88% Dark Monkey Chocolate (the best) 
The changes were good, I would just recommend adding the nibs/chocolate at the end for crumbly purposes. They really are like fudge and cookie dough at the same time, with a tiny hint of delicious salty creamy coconut. Is that possible?
I even made another batch for my house/teammates (using chocolate chips this time, but only melting in some of them), and they all got gobbled right up.  I also made one extra cookie separate out of the batch where I really melted most of the chocolate in. It turned into way more of a crunchy biscuity chocolate type cookie! Much less crumble but I loved both variations (cookie dough vs biscuit).

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