Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mango Kombucha and Burritos...mmmm

-Thick cut strawberry banana cinnamon oatmeal

The photo does not do these burritos justice!
-Whole wheat/corn tortillas
-Brown rice
-Black beans
-Aroma tomatoes
-Chicken stir fried with green pepper, cilantro, and spices
-Sauteed mushroom/onions
-Cucumber water

-Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie courtesy of Jacob Skaggs (testing out my recipe)
-Quinoa Salad + Almonds + Hummus + Garbanzo Beans
-Salad with sauteed peppers and spinach and Apple Cider Vanilla Vinaigrette
-Honest Ade Mango Kombucha Mix!

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