Monday, October 31, 2011


After a good 3.5 hour training session on the road bike from Santa Cruz to Pescadero and back, I was very excited when I found this at my door from Rise Foods. Even better than MacroBars?
Almond Honey Rise Protein Bars!
For those that know Boomi Bar, they are reintroduced in a whole new look. I was drawn to these for the on the go protein, but much more so for their grain free 3-ingredient list! How could you ask for more? I thought the Paleo plan pretty much put all bars out of the picture, but then...
Their other flavors are creative and delicious as well, never having more than 5 ingredients, the only grain being Amaranth, which is arguably a seed and the least offensive grain (as far as gut irritation goes).
One bar offers:
  • 280 Calories
  • 20g of Protein
  • 13g of Sugar
These are perfect post workout or mixed in with other more carbohydrate heavy sources on longer riders and workouts. They have nearly a 1:1:1 protein, carb, fat ratio which is ideal in my opinion, and don't spike your blood sugar much with a relatively low sugar count compared to all other workout food products.
I was super excited right when I bit in to discover it tastes just like Bit O' Honey, one of my favorite candies growing up. So much sweet Honey, chewy crunchy Almond-ness, and bit creamy.
It actually has the same ingredients... plus a ton of other additives and unhealthy ingredients.
A photo for my interview over on their blog.
I let one of my housemates try just a smidgen of mine and he insisted on making me split the box with him!

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  1. THESE LOOK AMAZING! i really love the texture of them too, along with the color. i really need to find these to try. wow and ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS? nice! :)


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