Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To Eat Sausage

I've started to get good at making my daily eggs (free range only! Glaum's Ranch a stone's throw away). 5 on Rest and Recovery Days and 3 on training days.
But this is all about More goodness from my new favorite spot: El Salchichero.

The pork in these sausages comes from happy pigs in Devil's Gulch, where I ride my road bike in Marin all the time!
Buying sausage is definitely not the cheapest, but you considering how AWESOME they taste and the fact that you buy some extra healthy fat as well, you might be able to omit another fat contributing part of your meal like an expensive avocado.
Wow. I wanted to make my own BBQ sauce instead of using some sugary artificial one and it came together so fast and so easy. It works like ketchup on eggs and fries and bbq sauce/mustard on suasage. So bomb.
Just mix a bit of each of the following to taste:
  • Tomato Paste/Sauce
  • Vinegar (I used Red Wine Garlic Vinegar)
  • Garlic Powder
  • Mustard (I used Spicy Brown)
  • Pepper
The Sweet Italian Sausage is insane with Fennel and other delicious herbs coming through strong, not spicy at all. I've never tasted better (until below?). This had all the greatest breakfast aspects going on. A ketchup-eggs-potato combo and a mustard-sausage combo, except it was so much more than that (yam instead of potato, etc). A bit of my favorite local Santa Cruz Raw Horseradish-Leek Sauerkraut as well.
 The 2nd time was the same except I was a bit more successful in cooking this Quince-Sage Suasage through and getting the eggs presentable.  I used no oil in a non-stick for the sausage since it browns better and then begins to 'sweat' anyway, and then only had to supplement a tiny bit of coconut oil to cook the eggs.
 Quince is a fruit similar to a pear, which led to an amazing sausage similar to my memories of Campfire Chicken-Apple Sausages. Only better.

And healthier given that pig fat (pasture raised) is more nutrient dense than chicken since they convert and store much more plant matter into their fat.
 The Quince Flavor is so much better than apple. I didn't even want to put any of my sauce on it! So tasty, slightly herb-y with the Sage, just a hint. I was quite stoked on this one.

Probably also worth mentioning my new method for yams/sweet potatoes. I slice 'em real thin and toaster-oven them at 350-375º for only 20 minutes or so depending on desired consistency.  It's a lot faster for breaky/lunch than doing the standard 400º 1 hour in the oven.


  1. Dude, those look crazy good and juicy! They had butternut squash turkey sausage at Whole Foods today- sounded awesome, but had too many ingredients I wasn't cool with.

    I did pick up a couple bone slabs of grass-fed beef back ribs though. Can't wait to try them tomorrow.

  2. i don't know how well butternut squash/turkey go into a sausage anyways...compared to quince and sage anyways

    im sure you wont be let down! animal fat in fat or egg yolks from grass fed and pastured animals tastes absolutely amazing. and so good for you


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