Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Eat More Meat

Ok it's been a while again but I've been working heaps on some exciting new team sponsorship for next year so stay tuned for awesome news on that front...

I've been eating MEAT. Thank you El Salchichero for providing super local pasture raised and grass fed beef/pork/poultry and amazing sausages and cured meats.
Of course you pay a price for the best meat ever, but I will only eat non-conventional beef/pork (and prefer it to lean chicken/fish when it is). 

Basically the way I see it animals store everything as fat, so corn+steroids turn into fat in conventional animals, and tons of grass/bugs/plants turn into delicious nutrient dense fat (even more dense than veggies) in the pasture raised. 

Thus, for conventional meats, lean cuts are best something like this order: chicken/turkey, fish, pork, lamb, beef. With wild/normally raised animals, the order is the exact opposite.

 I save a lot of $$$ going with the cheaper thrifty cuts. Like these Beef Shanks.
I browned them in some Coconut Oil before simmering for 3 hours in 2 parts White Wine, 2 parts Chicken Broth, and 1 Part Water just to submerge, with some random Herbs and Carrots.

The meat was tasty, tender and unchewy. Falling apart and melting in your mouth. The carrots became mashed under steamed veggies/Raw Sauerkraut which tastes like the delicious broth and 100x better than mashed white potatoes.

Best of all were the super fast and easy sweet potato wedges (fries) dipped into the bone marrow fat. Like Dutch fries and 'Mayo', only 100x more nutritious. At $5/lb, these grass fed beef shanks provide so much goodness between the nutrient dense fat and abundant protein. Although I probably upped the cost quite a bit when I used the rest of one of my nice white wines for the broth...

I enjoyed the second one for dinner with a Kale and Rosemary salad, from the garden = so good.

For dressing I used the broth supplemented with Balsamic Vineger. Easy and Bomb.
Once again, the tallow from the bone marrow kicks ass used instead of coconut butter on my Yam.  More tasty, cheaper and much more nutritious.

More delicious meats to come. Sausage and Buffalo Bison (more on that) included.


  1. Ah the browning then the slow cooking, nice! A lot of really good points here man; Grass-fed, choose fatty. If we weren't supposed to eat the fat in the meat then it wouldn't be there

  2. and it wouldn't taste absolutely amazing. egg yolks especially. I just got into mastering the soft-boil.


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