Friday, November 11, 2011

Secret to Greek Yogurt

It's not really much of a secret actually. It's quite obvious.
 It's healthy and good on EVERYTHING. More protein than normal yogurt because it's strained, so less sugar/carbs.  Also even easier to digest with less fat. Zero fat makes this yogurt basically pure protein yet it somehow still tastes creamy and delicious, perfect to combine with some healthy fats from nuts or fueling carbs. A good protein-Substitution for everything:

  • Sweet Potatoes and Yams (like Sour Cream)
  • Waffles and Pancakes (Like Whipping Cream)
  • Burritos/Guacamole addition (Sour Cream)
  • Granola/Cereal/Pumpkin Pudding Cereal
  • Tzatziki and Other Dipping Sauces
  • Additions to Soups/Curries
  • Thickener for Salad Dressing
  • Fruit
But here we will explore my favorite and less obvious use. On my favorite food ever. Kabocha Squash! Otherwise known as Japanese Pumpkin.
Simply remove seeds and bake for 40-60 minutes at 400º F. Edible skin and all! I top with Cinnamon and Coconut Oil/Butter often, but when I desire something more creamy the yogurt comes in.
 And since Greek Yogurt also mixes EPICLY with Cinnamon you must throw some on, Sea Salt also optional and tasty.
 So simple, so delicious. I am known to eat mass quantities plain, and even larger with said toppings.
Eat as a snack of accompany with whatever dinner may be, in this case I tried out some Ginger-Sautéed Squid (fresh, local, and cheap from the Farmer's Market) in a massive salad.  The sweet creamy tender squash and yogurt combo balanced out the gingery crunchy salad perfectly.

As part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher program, I have been entered for the chance to win a trip to Greece courtesy of FAGE. You too can enter to win one of three trips to Greece by entering the FAGE Plain Extraordinary Greek Getaway here:

I also must mention that if you can, also try St Benoit's Yogurt.  They are the only yogurt makers i've found that use grass fed cows for their milk.  Thus, I get the full fat yogurt (instead of avoiding the corrupted fat from conventionally raised cows) they have when I feel like spending the money, although it is much more runny than Greek. I like to mix it up.

P.S. My interview over at RiseBar is now live! Check it out.


  1. I absolutely love your blog! we eat so similarly :)
    I'm absolutely obsessed with kabocha and literally eat one huge one/day therefore have a wicked case of carotenemia in the winter months. (people keep asking me if I went on holiday ) Ohh wellll.

  2. I eat them sooo much as well it's awesome. Never get's old although I do mix it up with other squash/sweet potatoes-yams/beets/carrots


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