Sunday, December 18, 2011

Aussie Treats

This post is simply a collection of yummy eats/views from my stay in the Land Down Under!
 View from a road ride.
 My host Joel from Tahoe at the top of a MTB ride. View of Bateman's Bay
 Beets from the neighbors! In a Balsamic Salad w/Avo and Grass Fed Beef Rump Roast.
 A glass of Aussie Cabernet-Sauv at a fine restaurant called Terrace Restaurant in Thredbo (rated on of the best in Aus!).  Since I can legally drink here I have a half -full glass of Dry Red Wine 5 nights a week. I've decided it really is healthy and quite enjoyable (read 4-Hour Body).
 My dish was Prosciutto (almost cooked like crispy bacon!) wrapped chicken with Sage (a whole leaf on top turned into a 'Sage chip'), Lemon, and on top of Roasted Pumpkin and Spinach! Divine.
 We got stuck in Jindabyne for 4 days with a broken car and this was my staple meal downtown.  A large salad half Roasted Veggies Salad (thin sliced Eggplant, yam, Onion, Pumpkin w/ basil)- half Feta Arugula Salad (w/ Sundried Tomatoes and Olives and local Goat Cheese), and the Tandoori Chicken from their wraps on top. I also had it with thinly sliced lamb another time.
 My kind of meal!
 For dinner while stranded we went to Brumby's Bar twice which was also my kind of place! Choose your favorite grass fed meat and then an all you can eat salad bar/ buffet with lots of sald and roasted veggie options. Including lots of beets/yams/carrots/mushrooms. And watch them grill perfection right in front of you.
 I got a sirloin stuffed with scallops one night and the lamb shank the other.
 The beach across the street from home away from home.
Not beef lamb heart, a lamb heart sliced and marinated with garlic, red wine leftover, olives, Rosemary from the garden, and Salt and Pepper.
 This is what bacon back home looks like in my standard breaky.
Look at all the fat! Now this is what we have here... And at half the price for free range. (both egg/meat)
Like extreme Canadian Bacon!
It's good but i'm not partial to either kind. Harder to get crispy but still extra tasty. Yes that yolk is separate from the white, but more on that in my next post...(very stoked on this)
 Now for a big-ass Kangaroo Filet! Green Thai Curry Marinade soooo goood!
 After Green Curry Paste, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Pepper, Garlic, and Turmeric, seared both sides.
 In a roast veggie salad!
 With Cinnamon Pumpkin Coconut Oil Pumpkin Squash of course!
 Another beach pic...
 The rest of the Kangaroo in a Garden Salad with Fresh Herbs from the Garden! Kangaroo is awesome because it's grass fed since it is always wild, it's higher in Iron (you can taste it), it's helping the environment because they have too many in Oz, and it's cheaper than grass-fed beef!
 Including lovely Garlic Chives.
 The view from the Quay West Hotel in Sydney, last night before my flight home.


  1. the prosciutto wrapped chicken looks delicious, AS DOES ALL OF THIS FOOD! amazing, incredibly fresh, always healthy, gourmet, and a sophisticated palette to enjoy it all.

  2. Wow man! Those are some crazy cool eats! I want to try all of that- how would you compare the flavor of the kangaroo? And how does heart taste? If I got it, how do I cook it?

  3. Kanga=like leaner beef more gamey/irony, good for cooking with garlic/herbs curry flavoring etc (not just S&P like a nice sirloin)

    Lamb heart= kind of like scallops turned into beef?

    Beef heart= like flank steak! with a little more iron maybe

    cook it like this FOR SURE


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