Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photo Overload and Catch Up

It's been a super long time since I've posted and my photo collection has just been building and building. To get things off my chest and start fresh I decided to just post all the photos with short captions for your viewing as you please and hopefully soon i'll be able to get back on track to making some more thoughtful detailed posts! 
I've been busy with coming to/training in NZL and getting things going with my new team, Santa Cruz-X Fusion. Make sure to give us a like on Facebook.
Also, make sure to listen to Chuck Feerick and I's new podcast, Fearless Nutrition Radio. Please give us a rating and a review so we know what you think/that people are actually listening!
Possible Favorite Meal: Salmon, Soft Boiled Eggs, Salad w/ Sauerkraut and Sweet Potato  
Work It Egg
Too Awesome
Homemade Mayo (coconut/olive oil and egg yolks) on Mashed Cauliflower and  Canned Sardines Salad
Bacon Wrapped Duck Roast with Rosemary and Thyme

Teriyaki Beef Heart, Kabocha Squash w/ Kimchee, Rhutabaga, and Garlic Chive Kerrygold Butter

Sweet Potato w/ Garlic Chive Kerrygold Butter

Egg Whites cooked in Ghee w/ Baked Delicata Squash w/ Egg Yolks

Japa Sweet Potato and Eggs

Calimari Salad w/ Mixed Mushrooms and Kabocha Squash w/ Cinnamon Yogurt on the Side
Calimari Salad w/ Mixed Mushrooms and Kabocha Squash w/ Cinnamon Yogurt on the Side
My First Real Bullet Proof Coffee,  w/ Cinnamon
Chicken Coconut Curry in New Zealand! Basil, Nori, Turmeric, and Sweet Potato Included
White Rice Noodles cooked in Red Wine (taste good but made me feel bad)
Used 1/2 bottle of wine too old to drink plus some water
Bacon, Venison Mince, Herb Salad and Broccoli for the Noodles
Mixed up with Some Kimchee and Green Beans as well
And Beets and Butter and Tomato
And Nori
An Ostrich Egg that ended up being Off
Inside Burger Fuel with Sam and Aroha, on the second floor w/ lake view, I had the Biofuel Burger (beetroot, onion, tomato, sweet tomato relish, aioli) wrapped in lettuce, the best of NZL but more on that to come
First time with Oysters Rockefeller at the Fish Market in Auckland-tons of bacon, Hollandaise, and Onion (a new favorite dish to order. Oysters=super nutrients especially Zinc which I especially need!)
Greens Salad w/ Amazing Balsamic Vinaigrette and Steamed Veggies w/ Butter, Garlic, and Thyme
Fish Market Gnarliness
Crazy Eyes

I love it in New Zealand because we have 6 chickens so fresh eggs every day, a veggie garden, and a freezer full of Venison.  And all the beef and butter here is grass fed without question. Sweet Potatoes and Yams are known as Kumara and I like that name better so will be using that from now on. More goodness to come!
Comment if you'd like guidance on trying to copy any of these recipes.


  1. This is awesome- I wish all your post had this many pictures... and I wish I had some of your ingredients. I'm going to buy bacon for my first time tomorrow man... support me please!

    Do you have a recipe for that chicken curry? Looks bomb!

  2. thanks for the feed back I was actually totally concerned I was half assing it and just throwing up a bunch of pictures

    bacon is delicious! if your skeptical of the source, just watch how it makes you feel and eat it in moderation not as a staple

    I've been making curry's a ton recently. all you need is a curry spice mixture, curry spices, or curry paste. that one didn't even use any of those and was (but I still recommend using a paste): Chicken Breast in Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Chili and Lime Salt, Fresh Basil (added in towards the end to keep the flavor), whatever else you want(I had sweet potato, nori seaweed, kimchee, broccoli)

  3. Sweet! I'll text you in a little


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