Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Venison For Days in NZL

Alright, time for another disorganized big photo filled catch up post, covering the second half of my stay in NZL. I already miss it, but my chickens and veg garden to come will make up for it soon. Kumara is what they call sweet potato so from now on...
 Before the Napier Race, we stayed at a family friends house who supplies all the lamb to Whole Foods in the US. We got a taste! Solid pre race nutrition
 A butterflied-leg on the barbe topped with mint and butter, along side roast veg (tomato, kumara, eggplant, big yellow squash, onion), salad w/ Balsamic.
 A super nutrient dense lunch back here,  Pt Reyes Oysers in GF Temari, Lemon, and an Egg Yolk, partially enjoyed wrapped in Seaweed as sushi with Sauerkraut, Parsley, Carrot, Cucumber, Tomato, and a little salsa.
 Creamy Salty and Delicious
 Post Race Splurge: Sugary (but real), the best of NZL. Real ginger in it but so much sugar also, I couldn't finish it.
 Between breakfast and pre-race sustenance, Dark Chocolate (NZL's own Whittakers) and White rice, the new go to combo. Healthy fat, stimulant (theobromine+caffeine), starch/glucose from rice, and fructose from sugar in the chocolate. and no fiber!
 One of my favorite splurges while there: Sam's mom's homemade-1/2 the sugar-strawberry jam (AMAZING) with Japanese Pumpkin and Cinnamon. 
 I ate a lot of this.
 KamoKamo is a squash that's kind of in between a summer and winter squash, like a less sweet pumpkin. I had it post race breakfast with eggs and more of the godly jam.
 More post race deliciousness, finally got to have some Kumara fries! They're everywhere, which is awesome, since they are way tastier (and healthier) than regular fries or 'chips'.
 A daily meal: Venison mince from Sam's freezer full, stir fried with assorted veg from the garden, zucchini (courgette's), pepper, onion, tomato, with a sweet potato and some egg yolks.
 This was some Venison stew meat done as a stir fry.
 Sautéed in coconut oil with Thyme, Rosemary, Majoram, from the garden with Balsamic, accompanied by Kabocha Squash, and more veg saute with some sundried tomato (and epic garden broccoli!)
And one special night of quality Venison Rump steak. Steamed Broccoli, Baked Kumara, heaps of butter, and Balsamic Salad.

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  1. Oh man I want to try that squash and some Kumara fries. I can't wait till kabochas are back in season!


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