Monday, September 13, 2010

The Beginning: Homemade Randoms

First post ever woohoo! Ok this blog now exists due to popular demand. 
 Here's today:
Breakfast: Bob's Redmill 7 Grain Hot Cereal cooked with an apple and some strawberries (a batch for a few days), mixed with plain yogurt, a squirt of home-juiced apple juice, and blueberries.  Plus Loose leaf blue tea (with some lemon for my soar throat).
Kind of gnarly looking but soo bomb. Cream of Wheat meats Irish oatmeal.

A little extra natural sweetener

Lunch was romaine lettuce mix with cherry tomatoes, apple cider vinegar/olive oil, and almonds, along side an almond butter and cranberry sauce (not jelly) sando on whole grain loaf bread.
I was inspired by seeing a coworker eating a large yummy salad to do the same for dinner.  I used what rainbow chard and fennel I had left to cook in a skillet with olive oil and pressed garlic, and then mixed that in a bowl with avocado, tofu, an aroma tomato, dried cranberries and some more cranberry sauce.  I also got a glass of the rest of the home made apple juice.
unmixed, chard and fennel underneath!
two views to see all the different ingredients

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