Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Breakfast and Sushi for Dinner

Felt like a change from oatmeal for once this morning.  2 egg whites cooked in olive oil with rosemary and basil, on top of whole grain loaf toast with some tobasco and or some pizzaiola sauce from the farmer's market.  another piece of toast with almond butter and a farmer's market nectarine. mint tea to have a break some so much caffeine from yesterday.

I missed the photo for lunch.  Whole Athlete team end of the year party/bbq at stinson beach.  I had some quinoa salad, balsamic vinagraitte salad, chips with salsa and hummus and then a bunch of dessert: whole foods snicker doodle, special dessert quesadillas (tortilla wrapped around homemade cocoa stuff), and zidek banana bread.

For dinner I used tons of vegetables to make soup using chicken broth, fennel seed powder, and ground ginger. I used bok choy, eggplant (haven't figured out how to make eggplant good at all yet), squash, fennel stalk, and carrot. I had that with brown rice sushi from woodlands, vegetable roll and tuna avocado roll. and a dessert parfait of galaxy granola with craisins and raspberries.

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