Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend: All Kinds of Delicious

I sort of cooked this weekend but not too much.  Worthy visits to Cafe Del Soul and Aroma Cafe (enjoyed Curry Soul Good + Ishtar Salad and a Mediterranean Plate respectively) stopped me.  Must say I did not eat any candy sadly.
Once again making my recently made up yogurt mix, I enjoyed it with some salad, pita, and brown rice.
-Spinach Pita (Farmer's Market) and some hummus
- Greek nonfat plain yogurt, curry powder, dill weed, cilantro, lemon
-Super Brown Rice Lentil Wild Rice Bean Medley (sold as a mix)
-Mixed greens, aroma tomato, and almonds
-Dressing of lemon, olive oil, rice vinegar, sesame seed oil, granulated onion powder, and thyme

4.5 hours of mountain biking = hungry for tasty burritos
-whole wheat tortillas
-tomato from mom's garden
-chicken tagine and sauteed onion leftover
-brown rice medley
-mild salsa roja
More yummy Ginger Apple Oatmeal
enjoyed with banana, dried cranberries, and almond butter. fueled me up for the T1K fundraiser ride.

Farmer's Market Goodies and a Salad
-Spinach Pita and Hummus
 -Tofuyu Quinoa Salad and Spicy Tofu Veggie Wraps
-Salad of mixed greens, aroma tomato, pistachios, and avocado dressed with olive oil, lemon, cilantro
A nice glass of iced herbal orange blossom tea with lemon!
Post Rainy Ride = Fluid Recovery and the last (biggest) Oatmeal Raspberry Cookie! When amazing lasts forever...

Fresh Oatmeal
Went with apple ginger theme this time (cooked in apple with ginger powder and ginger), topped with strawberries, crunchy almond butter, and lemon.

Post Road ride, Fluid recovery and half the second to last cookie

Costume Contest at lunch (Guest appearance: Seth Andrews)
Dinner leftovers in a wrap/burrito bowl (note the new folding travel plate-stoked!)
-Chicken Tagine with sauteed mushrooms and onion
-Wheat Tortilla
-Roasted carrots and zucchini
-Aroma tomato with basil

Muesli V3
Box mix with added rolled oats and oat bran again, but also dried cranberries and almonds.  Almost ready to make my own mix from scratch.  Enjoyed with strawberries, lemon, and soy yogurt.


  1. So are you planning on becoming a pro bike racer or a chef? This stuff's amazing!

  2. to be a pro bike racer = must be a good chef! its stress relieving, cheap, good for you, and a nice extra hobby.


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