Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Persimmons and Ensladas

 Insalata's is easily one of my favorite restaurants. Stoked to go there for my dad's 50th! These meals may be recreated by me in the future because I have the cookbook!
Had a little bit of my Mom's Middle Eastern Vegetarian Platter
 lemony lentils, japanese eggplant, curried spinach, Turkish yogurt, tomato-pistachio relish, couscous

My second course was the Flounder Fillet
Pan Seared Flounder Filet over couscous and turkish tomato compote, pistachio-roasted pepper rerelish, cumin yogurt

The sides to my sister's duck were amazing! Lemon and spices for days
spinach, farro and butternut squash pilaf, moroccan tomato jam

Their Fattoush Salad beats all others. Woodlands ain't got nothing!
romaine, toasted pita, feta cheese, onions,cherry tomatoes, olives, cucumber, cilantro, mint, lemon vinaigrette

Breakfast with new discovery: persimmons
Last of the strawberry cinnamon oatmeal, with persimmon slices, pistachios, and soy milk. Persimmons are officially awesome!
Leftovers for Lunch
Lentil Carrot Fennel Soup with Fennel Seed Powder and Curry Powder, with some avocado, cucumber, and tomato to mix in as desired.

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