Monday, October 25, 2010

Sorbet and Spices Take the Day

Back to riding my bicycle on the daily again =  larger appetite and bigger better meals. 
Lentil Soup to take the Win
Lentil soup made from lentil soup broth and a sicilian mix packet, cooked in extra carrots and fennel, spiced with ground caraway seed, fennel seed powder, and turmeric.  Enjoyed with almonds and whatever else is for dinner.  In this case, cucumber tomato salad, Brown rice bean medley, and leftover garlic sauteed onion and kale.

Post Ride Recovery Sorbet/Smoothie/Frozen Yogurt
What do you get when you put 5 frozen straw berries, only two tablespoons of soymilk, and recovery powder mix? It's technically not a smoothie b/c a straw won't do you any good, and not sorbet because it's not just fruit, and not frozen yogurt because there's no dairy.  I can tell you it's amazing! and healthy...

Connor Hansen and Daniel Thomson approve (support RHS Mountain biking)
Lunch Wraps
Whole wheat tortillas with brown rice, mixed greens, tofu, cucumber, tabouli, and onion.  Made tasty by spicing with cilantro, dill weed, granulated onion, and curry powder.

Berries n' Cream
Not really. Strawberry cinnamon cooked oatmeal topped with plain yogurt, almonds, and strawberries (supplemented with a little swiss muesli).

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