Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sleeping Lady and Some Repeats

More Raita and Spinach Pita...mmmm
    I wanted to finish off the last of the spinach pita and am still stoked on the discovery of making the best Raita Yogurt Sauce ever.  I got the lemon, curry powder, tabouli, dill weed, parsley, and cilantro proportions perfect this time (basically just a lot of every one). 
    Also got some Greek-inspired salad together with hummus.  Sauteed up some kale and onions together with olive oil, chicken broth, lemon, lemon pepper, granulated onion, and garlic.  It was unbelievably bursting with flavor!
Veggie Burger Quest continued:
Went to the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax and it was awesome! First time experience worth having and definitely going back.  The burger ranked a little lower than marin coffee roasters due to the bun but above The Counter.  It was very good and I had it with the Coconut Tomato Soup of the day which was the highlight (not too creamy at all, made with coconut milk), and the search continues.
    Atmosphere was epic, felt like I was in Middle Earth, especially because it was live Irish music day.  Lots of standouts on the menu I wanted to get like the fish tacos or soba noodle salad. Get ready...

More Breakfast at Home!
Fresh batch of strawberry cinnamon/cloves oatmeal, topped with strawberries, blueberry jam, and a little crunch from some almond butter.  Ginger tea on the side.

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