Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What should you add to your kitchen and how to eat a pomegranate?

Two delicious tips today
Too much cabbage=Make Cabbage Soup
 A good recipe for rainy days, sickness, diet, or using lots of veggies is Cabbage Soup. Flavored with yummy onions and garlic and plenty of substance from juicy carrots and cabbage, topped with ground pepper and sea salt. Accompanied by:
 -salad leftovers
 -multi grain flat bread crisps with hummus, avocado, and delicious lentils.

 It's just my cravings I swear...
I wanted pomegranate, but something more and definitely not more yogurt so I created this.  Sunflower seed bread with almond butter and pomegranate!  #1 To get the seeds out of a pomegranate easily, submerge the whole thing in water and go at it, the peels float while the seeds sink to the bottom.

Lunch at home is much better!
The luxury of eating food off a plate. Only appreciated once your forced to eat out of tupperware five days a week. The same dish as dinner last night, but with a twist! Lemon and hummus changed around the whole theme and taste of this meal from Italy, to Greece.

I'll admit it, I included this picture just to show off...
My Muesli For Days
It's so good and doesn't require much prep, so it gets repeated, but it's never the same either! A hint of ginger changed things up a bit this morning, along with #2 agave nectar instead of honey (healthier, but also sweeter and easier to use). I'm glad I added that ingredient to my arsenal.  Also went with blueberries and raspberries.

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