Thursday, January 13, 2011

BIRTHDAY! Cafe Del Soul, Citrus and Spice Celebration

Birthday treats and almost at 100 posts total!
Mostly just pictures from Citrus and Spice but here is the Menu Online for all the Ingredients!
The brown rice is some special kind, not sure what but it's good! #1 Essential to have with Curries.
 Yellow Curry Poached Mahi Mahi with Sweet Potato and Carrot
The curry sauce was of course delicious, but the sweet potatoes and basil leaves made it even better!
 Yogurt-Coconut Curry Salmon with Green Vegetables
This medium-spice curry dish was not too spicy at all and the Salmon tasted better than the Mahi. Yogurt and Coconut are much better ingredients then lame old western butter and cream (it's just the way it is).
 Basil Eggplant Sauté w/ Chicken
You can't not get this if you eat there.  Eggplant usually isn't the best, but they make it seem like God's gift to food.  Fried Shitake slightly crunchy Mushrooms never taste bad either. I wish I new the recipe, or at least the spices and herbs used.
Cucumber Salad and Mango Salad to start
Can't go wrong with a basic Vinegar Cucumber Salad. Enough Said.
Quinoa Bowl
Birthday lunch with friends at my favorite cafe, tried out the Quinoa Bowl for the first time. Simple but impressive.  Also stoked to see a new flavor of the Alt Baking Company Cookies. Seasonal Simply Vanilla Bean!
-Quinoa cooked to perfection
-Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Black Beans
-Cilantro Lime Dressing
More than Meets the Eye
The rest of the apple-cinn oatmeal, sorry for the gross picture. #2 Hemp powder tastes great and is great for you but green isn't the most appealing for breakfast...  Wish you could of tasted it because it was bursting with a hint of licorice and almond flavor!
-Cinnamon Apple Cooked Oatmeal
-Raspberries, Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder
-Almond Oil, Anise Seed Oil (WOW!)

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