Thursday, January 27, 2011

Granola Breaky Bowl, Redwood goes India, Veggie Party

Veggie Party
 When I don't know what to cook, which is rare, I always end up using a million different ingredients because #1 I just throw everything that I like or that I have and looks good together. No real theme for this dinner but I can tell the Lemon-Basil-Balsamic was tasty. It also ends up being a massively filling amount of food. Quinoa/Avo/Garbanzos seems like nothing at first, but once you start adding in a million vegetables... It ended up being salty from the sun dried tomato and olives but sweet from the beets and more flavor from the basil and lemon pepper!
-Steamed Broccoli w/ French Tarragon and Golden Beets
-Avocado, Tomato, Basil Leaves
-Sun Dried Tomato, Olives, Garbanzo Beans, Shredded Carrot
-Quinoa, Dried Basil, Lemon Pepper
-Olive Oil, Balsamic, Lemon
Leftovers + Cooking Club
 Best day of RHS Cooking Club yet! Indian Theme.  Partly the best because it forces everyone to not use butter! It went perfectly with a little bit of brown rice, chicken and almonds from last night.  Homemade Naan, Chana Masala, and Raita.  #2 Raita always rules on everything, and I will definitely try making the Chana Masala soon.  It's basically just some spices/olive oil, sauteed vegetables and garbanzo beans! I also had some really good Spiced Cauliflower and Rice Pudding.  You may even see some Coconut Rice Pudding coming soon!
Hidden Carrot Cake Breakfast Bowl
The color is deceiving because of the blueberries and fairly dark carrot juice, but this was inspired by the carrot cake smoothie I had in Tahoe. It was successful, with a hint of Cookies 'n Cream. I realized I am totally capable of making an epic Acai Bowl for breakfast coming soon. #3 Smoothie + Granola and additional nuts/goodies = Epic Breaky.
-Frozen Blueberries, Ice
-Carrot Juice, Almond Milk, Vanilla Rice Protein
-Pecans, Banana,  Nutmeg
-Granola, Pecans, Dried Cranberries, and a dash of Cinnamon to top

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  1. I've made Carrot Cake juice before but never a Carrot Cake Smoothie! I think that might need to change ASAP!


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