Thursday, January 6, 2011

HAWAII! Island fruits, Super Luau, Fish, and So Much More

Here are the food highlights from my trip to the North Shore of Oahu! and one epic surf photo at the end... (sorry for the delay, everybody needs vacation sometime) Can safely say I ate outside of the usual and gained some weight on this trip, but the benefit easily outweighed the cost!
The Last Supper
Catch of the day with Plum Sauce instead of Aoioli. Opa breaded with Pecans over a bed of Cabbage with some rice and steamed vegetables, also accompanied by a Balsamic House Salad.  I mixed up the fish, veggies, sauce, and rice for a yummy Asian stir fry style mix! #1 Never be afraid to ask for custom mixes to the menu, chances are you won't be let down.

 The next two photos are from my favorite cafe in Hawaii. Paradise Found. All vegeterian and lots of vegan.
 The descriptions on the menu are much better, so I linked for you to see for yourself.  I can say it was amazing. Tempeh is almost like eating meat, eggplant can taste bomb when done right, and the tortilla was nice and toasty. #2 I am going to make wraps in tinfoil and heat them all together at home to try and get the same effect.
 Veggie Burger Quest Continues
Tried two more veggie burgers on this trip (2nd below) to see if my epic quest can be upped.  This one was pretty damn good, mainly all the toppings and sauces though.  Don't worry, that's Veganaise, and it's good.

These are exemplary of what a super cheap breakfast was like every day. Bought yogurt and cheerios once at the beginning of the trip from Foodland, and mixed with various island fruit from the various stands for awesome prices! Only in Hawaii...
 Coconut, Rambutan, Passion fruit, Candy Apple Banana, and Coconut! #3 Passion fruit adds sooo much flavor for such a tiny amount. Rambutans are like lychees!
 Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Sapodilla, and Coconut for the win! I've never tasted better pineapple.
 Veggie Burger, Balsamic Salad, Ahi Sashimi!
This veggie burger was up there, but nothing to go crazy about. The bun was delicious though and you can't go wrong with avocado.  I ate so much Ahi Tuna on this trip, it tastes so good, is so cheap, and so widely available in Hawaii. Gotta watch my mercury levels though...
Right off the plane: Surf followed by Acai Bowl
I was pleasantly surprised with a Brazillian Food Truck that hangs out right around Pipeline.  This Acai bowl matches Cafe Brazil in Santa Cruz.  
-Blackberries, Banana
-Granola, Honey
Epic Luau!
This was a feast. I went back for seconds. And thirds. From the roll clockwise: Taro Root Bread Roll, Salad with Papaya Seed Dressing, Spinach Salad, Cucumber Salad with Ahi Poke and Lomi Lomi Salmon, Sweet Potato, Island fish with Lemon, Chicken Ginger Long Rice (noodles)!  and plenty of Bread Pudding and Huapia (recipe) for dessert.  Wow this makes me hungry.  The Taro Roll is unbelievable; I grabbed like 4 extra to eat throughout the rest of the trip:). It's sweet and has perfect texture, not greasy, hard, or dry. My favorites are bolded and linked to the recipes which I plan to make in the near future. Definitely going to start making glass noodles and incorporating raw Ahi into my meals.  I really have to figure out how they made their spinach salad so good! 

Just another sunset at Pipe. (wish this was me, just photo by me)

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