Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Super Yummy Potato Chips? Froyo, Granola, Mexico, Italia...

 A few notables...
Vanilla Persimmon Fro Yo!
#1 It's this easy: frozen fruit in a blender = sorbet. frozen fruit plus a little bit of soymilk in a blender = fro yo.  I went with:
- a frozen persimmon (which can be eaten straight as sorbet due to persimmon nature)
-bourbon vanilla protein powder
- little soymilk to absorb the powder

 Apple Oat Muffins 2.0!
Made the Stevia sweetened Apple Muffins again, except this time with a few tweaks, and they worked perfectly! More applesauce, dried cranberries, and just two tablespoons of brown sugar. Delicious! Accompanied by:
-Yogurt, Mixed Berries, Pecans
 Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Chips!
Used the Mandoline my mom got for Xmas to make my sweet potato fries into crinkle cuts.  They were legitimately crispy.  #2 I also discovered an easy bomb salad dressing.  Accompanied by:
-Chicken Balsamico (oven baked boneless thighs with basil, balsamic, olive oil)
-Wasabi Dijon Salad (dressing = wasabi dijon mustard, olive oil, lemon)
-Sweet Potato Fries roasted and spiced with Cumin, ground Salt n' Peppa
Mexi Lunch
Whipped up a Burrito and Salad for lunch. The rice wasn't ready fast enough for me to wait... 4 hours of training=hungry Max.
-#3 Onion cooked in heating Black Beans with Garlic
-Tomato, Avocado, Green Onion, Salsa
-Lemon, Salsa and Olive Oil Salad
This tasty recovery smoothie bowl was quite perfect. Chew from the cranberries, a nice slightly creamy fruity flavor, and a hint of spice from nutmeg.
-Frozen Banana, Kiwi
-Strawberry Watermelon Gu Brew
-Dried Cranberries and a dash of Nutmeg
Anti Oxidant Granola Fun
#4 Pomegranate and Blueberries are the most talked about for antioxidants. I hope this helped my knee tendonitis!
-Pomegranate, Blueberries
-Galaxy Granola Non Sweet Vanilla Munch

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