Monday, January 17, 2011

Sesame Ginger Seaweed Wrap, Great Oatmeal, and Fish (Sausalito)!

Another Great Bowl of Oatmeal
    Felt like Raspberry-Banana this morning, and also had a craving for Hazelnuts so went with this little mixture. Haven't mixed Cloves and Cinnamon in a while either. It was gooood.
-Thick Oats, Raspberries and Banana cooked with Cinnamon, Cloves
-Soymilk, Hazelnuts, Honey
-Raspberries and Banana to top
    This was new and legitimate!  Had to use the rest of the tempeh and didn't want to repeat any flavors so whipped this bad boy up for lunch.  #1 The Almond Butter in the wrap was a nice touch, and I love using seaweed!
-Wheat Wrap, Brown Rice, Tempeh
    -Dried Seaweed (Nori Sushi Sheets), Seaweed (Mozuku), Sesame Seeds
     -Ginger Powder, Sesame Oil, Almond Butter
-Mixed Greens, Dried Seaweed, Cucumber, Garbanzos
-Rice Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, Sesame Seeds, Ginger Powder

Wasn't going to blog my epic dinner at Fish, but it was a new experience (the food) and was too good to not mention. Sorry for the crap pics.
 Broccoli Romanesco Braised in Olive Oil
TWO new experiences at my favorite Marin Seafood restatuarant.  I had heard of Ceviche and it sounded cool since it is fish cooked simply by lemon/citrus juice.  It was a nice mix of lemon, cilantro, and onion, enjoyed well with avocado and chips.  I knew that wouldn't be enough for me so I went with a side of interesting sounding broccoli to see if I could be wow'ed, and I was. Lemon rules.
A Guererro-style ceviche of fresh fish, cured in a blend of organic citrus juice, with avocado, onion, cilantro, red jalapeno and extra virgin olive oil. Served with house made tortilla chips.
Broccoli Romanesco is almost like cauliflower and it was absolutely amazing for broccoli.  Flavorful and crunchy but not stir fried and soft but not mushy, steamed, or boiled. I shall master it soon. Check out what it really looks like! Crazy!

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